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"Get in. Let's go."

Krix was a Trandoshan male big-game hunter who served a Trandoshan-exclusive hunting guild as a pilot during the Clone Wars. Led by Garnac, the guild captured sentient prey to hunt for sport on the moon of Wasskah. During the year 21 BBY, Krix piloted the guild's HCT-2001 Dragonboat-class Reugeot 905 freighter to the planet Felucia, where the hunter Lo-Taren found and captured the Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano.

When the freighter returned to Wasskah, Tano and the other captured prisoners were released onto a jungle island and became open game for the Trandoshans. During the hunting spree, Krix was sent in a hover pod to retrieve the hunter Smug, who had been hunting Tano and several other Jedi. However, the pickup was a trap, and Tano and her allies knocked Krix out and hijacked his hover pod. The Jedi brought the fight to Garnac's fortress and the guild was summarily fragmented with Garnac's death. Krix later made his way to the planet Nal Hutta.


Hunter's paradise[]

"The sun has risen. Let the hunt begin."
―Garnac declares the new hunt[1]
Krix Lagon Garnac and Dar

Krix and Lagon pilot the Reugeot freighter

Krix was a Trandoshan male big-game hunter that was a member of a hunting guild—led the Trandoshan Garnac—that captured both sentient and non-sentient prey to hunt for sport on the[1] moon of Wasskah.[3] Krix served as a pilot and had access to the guild's[1] HCT-2001 Dragonboat-class Reugeot 905 freighter.[4]

During the year 21 BBY,[5] Krix co-piloted the ship alongside fellow Trandoshan Lagon across the galaxy in search of potential prey. Accompanying the pilots were Garnac, his son Dar, and the hunter Lo-Taren. During their travels they captured a slew of prisoners, including the Sakiyan Vadoo, the Selkath Morgo, the Terrelian Jango Jumper Lika, and the Snivvian Katt Mol.[3] Eventually, Krix and Lagon flew the freighter to the planet Felucia, which at the time was hosting a battle being fought between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems as a part of the on-going Clone Wars conflict.[1]

The pilots landed the ship within the Felucian jungle and Lo-Taren disembarked alone. When Lo-Taren returned, he had the Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano in tow, who had been captured while fighting in the battle. In the presence of Krix, Lo-Taren and Garnac expressed interest in making Tano Dar's first trophy for his debut hunt.[1]

The Trandoshans departed Felucia and returned to Wasskah where, under Garnac's orders, Krix and Lagon piloted the ship to Island Four. The prisoners were dumped on the jungle island's beach and Lo-Taren opened fire on them, killing Vadoo and Morgo. The survivors fled into the island's jungle.[1]

Cat and mouse[]

"Krix and Smug should be back by now."

The next day, Krix was present in the guild's floating fortress's trophy room when Garnac officially declared the beginning of the next hunt. Krix and the other Trandoshans adopted arms before heading to Wasskah's surface to hunt. After the day's hunt came to a close, the Trandoshans reconvened in the trophy room for Dar's initiation ceremony, which saw Dar inducted as an official member of the guild. However, Dar was killed the next day by Tano, his intended first kill.[1]

Sometime later, Tano, alongside two other Jedi prisoners she had made allies out of, managed to destroy the Reugeot freighter and crash it on Island Four's beach, freeing the Wookiee prisoner Chewbacca and killing the pilots Goron and Clutch in the process. Krix and the other hunters investigated the crash the following morning, and Krix helped Ratter pull Clutch's body from the ship's wreckage. Later in the day, the hunter Smug ventured to the crash site to gun Tano and her friends down if they happened to return to the crash to scavenge parts.[2]

Krix on Nal Hutta

Krix, while on Nal Hutta

Smug contacted Lo-Taren the next day to request a pickup, and Krix was sent to the crash site to retrieve his comrade. However, the call was a trap, as Smug had been captured and influenced by a Jedi mind trick into calling a ride. Krix's[2] MSP80 Pteropter hover pod[3] was ambushed by the Jedi, and Krix was knocked unconscious by Chewbacca after a short struggle with Tano.[2]

Tano and her allies used the hover pod to attack Garnac's fortress directly and, with the help of Wookiee reinforcements, the guild was violently dismantled leaving Krix, Smug,[2] and the hunter Ramy as the only Trandoshan survivors. Krix and Ramy later left Wasskah and ended up on the planet Nal Hutta, where they mingled with the populace of the Bilbousa Bazaar. At some point Krix held a conversation with a Weequay near a Bilbousa saloon.[6]

Personality and traits[]

"Dar! Dar! Dar!"
―Krix and the other hunters chant Dar's name[2]

Krix was a burly Trandoshan with cream-and-blue-colored scales and orange eyes.[2] During Dar's initiation ceremony, Krix displayed a level of excitement as Dar officially joined the guild.[1] When confronted with Padawan Tano during the hijacking of his hover pod, Krix attempted to fight back, but was visibly intimidated by Chewbacca when the Wookiee stepped between them.[2]


"We'll take this new batch to Island Four."
―Garnac instructs Krix and Lagon on where to pilot the Reugeot freighter[1]

As one of the hunting guild's pilots, Krix flew both the guild's Reugeot freighter[1] and one of its hover pods.[2] Krix armed himself with a blaster rifle at the dawn of the Tano hunt, but dismissed the weapon by the time he boarded a hover pod.[1]

Krix wore dark colored clothes during the Tano hunt which was accented by bright yellow markings on his shirt, pouches, and combat trousers, which included yellow lightning bolts on his sleeves. He wore grey pants held up by a belt with further pouches and set of tactical suspenders sewed on to it, and he a holster strapped to his leg. An electronically powered gauntlet was wrapped around his left wrist along with a yellow and dark blue armband on his left arm. Another pouch was strapped to his right arm.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Krix Concept Art

Conceptual artwork of Krix for "Padawan Lost"

Krix was one several Trandoshan characters introduced in "Padawan Lost," the twenty-first episode episode in Season Three of the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars.[3] However, Krix was not identified by name until the[2] following episode,[7] "Wookiee Hunt."[2] Both episodes aired on April 1, 2011 as a part of Season Three's finale.[8] Krix later appear in the Season Four episode "Friends and Enemies,"[9] which aired on January 27, 2012.[8]

Like all of the Trandoshans that appeared in the episodes, Krix was designed by artist Pat Presley. Krix's stocky build was created out of a need for diverse body types among the Trandoshans in order to differentiate them from the previously seen Trandoshan character Bossk.[10] Conceptual art depicting Krix showed the character with yellow eyes,[3] which in the episodes were changed to orange.[1][2] Krix's name was chosen because, according to series head Dave Filoni, it sounded lizard-like.[10]



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