Kroddok Stopa was a scientist and explorer of the Obroan Institute.

In 16 ABY, Stopa was placed in command of an exploratory mission to Brath Qella on the discreet orders of New Republic Intelligence. Stopa and his partner Josala Krenn were transported from their site on Babali in the NRI ferret IX-26 to Brath Qella, where it became apparent that they lacked proper equipment and requested a support team.

Before support could arrive, Stopa and Krenn landed to search for signs of Qella civilization. Both scientists were killed in a glacial avalanche, cutting short Stopa's hopes of an exploratory mission to Stovax. The glacier responsible for their deaths was named the Stopa-Krenn glacier in their honor when the remains were recovered by Penga Rift.



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