Kruskan was a planet located on the far fringes of the Colundra sector of the Outer Rim Territories.


Some of the world's population was made up of near-Humans, but the planet was forgotten by the Galactic Republic.[2]

Around 3000 BBY, Sith Acolytes hid a holocron in a mountain stronghold on the planet. The planetary capital city later grew up near to the ruins, and the holocron was uncovered by the servants of the noblewoman Regera Girawn. She was affected by its powers, her face and hands burnt by it as it was destroyed. Her Force-potential uncovered, she became mad from the persistent visions she received, terrifying her subjects.[2]

Years after the mad Girawn was deposed and fled her domain, the planet made contact with the Galactic Republic again. Having foreseen the event, Girawn forced her way onto the Republic exploration ship, enslaved the crew and went on a galactic expedition to find more Force-sensitives.[2]


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