"Maybe I'm crazy, but it feels like we're on the verge of something real. We can make it to Coruscant. The Empire wouldn't be fighting so hard if it weren't afraid."
―Kryndal, on the Galactic Civil War[src]

Kryndal was a Human male who served in the Alliance to Restore the Republic. In 3 ABY, he became part of the Alliance Special Forces and was stationed at Echo Base on Hoth. During his time there he met Hazram Namir, who he got in a fight with over their views of the Galactic Civil War. Echo Base was attacked by the Empire soon after. During the battle, Namir thought he saw Kryndal dead among a pile of bodies.


Joining the AllianceEdit

"Four months of misery, but they were the most important ones of my life. You want to learn how to use an antique slugthrower, disable a proximity mine, or rappel off a ray shield, I recommend it."
―Kryndal, on the Alliance Special Forces training[src]

Kryndal joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic some time before 3 ABY. At some point he received four months of training for the Alliance Special Forces, where he learned how to use antique slugthrowers, disable proximity mines and rappel off a ray shield. He found the training miserable but looked back on it as the most important four months of his life.[1]

Stationing at HothEdit

"Who'd you get into it with?"
"Kryndal. Didn't catch his last name. Or maybe his first."
"He deserve it?"
"I like to think we both did."
―Han Solo and Namir[src]

Eventually, Kryndal became stationed at Echo Base on Hoth where the Alliance High Command was massing for a strategy conference centered around the defected Governor Everi Chalis. During his time there, he met First Sergeant Hazram Namir of the Sixty-First Mobile Infantry, who coincidentally was the one who rescued Governor Chalis from Haidoral Prime. The man was put to work while his Captain and Chalis attended the strategy conference. Namir helped Kryndal warm power converters with welding torchs and Kryndal differentiation between in the personnel at Echo Base. He also brought up his special forces training to Namir and recommended the training to him, to which the man refused.[1]

A little while later, Kryndal and Namir were sat at a table with a few other Echo Base personnel. Kryndal was sitting with two of his friends, a woman and a snout nosed alien, and they were discussing scenarios where the alliance could take the Core Worlds. Namir was listening to them and decided to join in. He asked Kryndal what would happen when they took Coruscant. Kryndal was confused at what he was trying to say and Namir began explaining his own scenario for their made up situation. In this scenario, Coruscant's population did not comply with the Alliance's occupation and the rebels were forced to use brutality to keep them in line. Although Kryndal and his female friend tried to contradict it, Namir did not stop to listen to them.[1]

Kryndal tried to explain the Alliance's transition plan but Namir dismissed it. He revealed his view that the war was just an attempted power grab from the unlucky senators who missed their chance after the clone wars. Kryndal's female friend denied his view was true but he only pressed on his side of the argument and compared their passion for the Alliance to the blind passion of Darth Vader's stormtroopers. Feeling extremely insulted, Kryndal swung at Namir and the Sergeant caught his hand and threw him across the table. Namir then elbowed a soldier trying to help Kryndal and dug his knee into Kryndal's stomach. Before Kryndal could receive more grievous harm, the surrounding soldiers wrestled Namir to the ground and Kryndal's female friend punched the man in the jaw.[1]

As a result of the fight, Namir was put on load-lifting duty and he mentioned the event to Han Solo. A few days after the fight, the Empire discovered and attacked Echo Base. During the battle, imperial forces got into the base and killed numerous soldiers, including Kryndal's alien friend. Namir stumbled upon the dead alien soon after and thought one of the other bodies resembled Kryndal, although he did not have time to check if it was him.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"The Alliance has a transition plan. Democratic elections—"
"—aren't going to convince anyone."
―Kryndal and Hazram Namir argue[src]

Kryndal was very passionate for the rebel cause, he was convinced to the heart that they would succeed one day. However, his positive view of the war was challenged by Hazram Namir, whom held opposite beliefs to him. Kryndal kept firm about what he believed in and when Namir insulted his passion for their leaders, he attacked him.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Kryndal first appeared in the 2015 canon novel Battlefront: Twilight Company, written by Alexander Freed.[1]


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