"You need to show some respect, crittermonger!"
―Krynodd to Bobbajo when he takes over[src]

Krynodd was a Gabdorin male criminal who lived on the desert planet Jakku. He had light skin and green eyes. A long-time rival of the Crolute Unkar Plutt, he wanted to take his place as the junk boss of Niima Outpost.[1] Krynodd tried to take over the outpost three times, but was thwarted by Unkar's thugs.[2] Sometime before 34 ABY,[3] he finally had his chance when Plutt was kidnapped by the Zendiat Collective, who blasted into the Outpost to take the junk boss. Krynodd then strolled into the Outpost with his bodyguards and declared himself the new boss, and quickly proved that he was an even worse master than the Crolute, speaking down to Constable Zuvio. Krynodd then knocked over the Outpost inhabitant Bobbajo known as the crittermonger when the latter bumped into him.[1] Later, after Plutt was rescued by the scavenger Rey, Plutt threatened to wring Krynodd's neck and take back his business.[4]

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Krynodd appears in the comic "Better the Devil You Know, Part I", published in the IDW comic issue Star Wars Adventures 1. The comic was written by Cavan Scott with art by Derek Charm,[1] and published on September 6, 2017.[5]

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