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"Research through captured Droid Gotra databanks unveiled a campaign to target the Kuari Princess, a luxury liner. I, like many in the ISB, first assumed it was to be the target of piracy, and when no such attack by the Gotra took place, it was largely forgotten."
―Andressa Divo[src]

The Kuari Princess was a luxury liner which operated during the Imperial Era. At some point, the Kuari Princess was targeted by the Droid Gotra for a campaign. The Imperial Security Bureau suspected piracy would occur, but the Princess went untouched. Later, when ISB agent Andressa Divo reviewed the case, she suspected that the Gotra had freed a cabin steward droid, creating the bounty hunter 4-LOM.


The Kuari Princess, or Princess for short, was a luxury liner with blue and orange livery. As a cruise ship, the card game zinbiddle was played on board.[2]


"Although I cannot prove it, it is my belief that the Gotra targeted the Princess with the intent of freeing 4-LOM to be a droid enforcer in their ranks."
―Andressa Divo[src]

At some point during the Imperial Era, the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) discovered that the Droid Gotra had targeted the Kuari Princess for a campaign. The ISB assumed the Gotra intended to pirate the starship, but no attack occurred, and the vessel was largely forgotten by the ISB.[1] Sometime later, when ISB agent Andressa Divo reviewed promotional Kuari Princess brochures, she found an image of a LOM-series protocol droid with Kuari Princess livery. Although she lacked proof, Divo suspected that the pictured LOM unit was in fact bounty hunter 4-LOM, prior to being freed and reprogrammed by the Gotra.[1]

By the year 34 ABY, a form of zinbiddle was developed on the Kuari Princess, in which there existed one wild card that always trumped. The Heptooinian Kaljach Sonmi played zinbiddle professionally by counting cards, and he thought that Kuari zinbiddle was a stupid gimmick.[2]

Commanders and crewEdit

The Kuari Princess was staffed by expertly programmed cabin steward droids, which came in a wide array of morphologies to accommodate individuals of various species and backgrounds. These droids were pictured in Kuari Princess promotional brochures.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Kuari Princess was first mentioned in the canon short story "The Ride," which was written by John Jackson Miller and published in the 2017 book Canto Bight.[2] A brochure of a Kuari Princess cabin was pictured in the 2018 reference book Star Wars: Scum and Villainy: Case Files on the Galaxy's Most Notorious, which was illustrated by Gunship Revolution.[1] In Star Wars Legends, the Kuari Princess was first mentioned in the 1987 gamebook Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game.[3]


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