"You've led this corporation well, Kuat. And through times perhaps more difficult than any faced by your predecessors; you've proven yourself to be the true heir of the Kuat Drive Yards' helm."
―Kuat Drive Yards β-supervisor[src]

Kuat of Kuat was a male Human, from a planet which bore a name identical to his. At the time of the Galactic Civil War, he was the hereditary CEO and chief designer of Kuat Drive Yards, one of the three largest starship manufacturers in the galaxy. He was the nephew of Onara Kuat and followed his father as Kuat of Kuat. During his time as head of Kuat Drive Yards, he carried the simple title of "Technician."

Biography[edit | edit source]

"I would rather see Kuat Drive Yards, my heritage and the work of generations of Kuats before me, utterly destroyed and in ruins before letting it fall into the control of the Empire."
―Kuat of Kuat[src]

During the Clone Wars, Kuat disagreed with his aunt on many occasions, and even blocked her attempt to have Senator Giddean Danu recalled from office.

As the Imperial military-industrial complex swallowed KDY's competitors, Kuat fought to protect the independence of his family, planet, and firm. This, combined with his opposition to the Death Star project, made him unpopular amongst some of the ruling Kuati families and the Imperial elite.

Kuat orchestrated a labyrinthine conspiracy to embarrass and destroy the Black Sun crime syndicate. This conspiracy also led to the break up of the Bounty Hunters' Guild into warring factions.

Later, in fear of losing control of the Kuat Drive Yards, Kuat wired the entire construction docks with explosives. Boba Fett flew the Hound's Tooth into the exploding construction area, where he found Kuat inside one of the larger ships waiting for his imminent death.

After a series of questions about the bombing raid of the Dune Sea, Boba Fett made Kuat leave the ship. Fett managed to pilot the ship into the vacuum of space. In the aftermath, Kuat was killed by the explosions, but the ship that Fett flew into space was a key part of the explosives, and the removal of the ship disrupted the process; 80% of the docks survived, thanks to Fett.

Kuat often kept a pet felinx as company.

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