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"Statistically, it should take approximately five hundred thousand years for our escape pod to be located in this sector."
SP-99, to Satele Shan[src]

The Kuat sector was a sector located in the Core Worlds. Home to the Kuat system, it also contained the systems of Redrish, Drurish, Ulion, Kidir, Monadin, Renigg, Venir, and Horthav.



A Republic transport ship travels through the Kuat sector

Risi Lenoan and later Giddean Danu represented Kuat sector in the Galactic Senate. Viqi Shesh represented the sector in the New Republic Senate.

During Imperial control, certain routes were established within the Kuat Traffic Zone, restricting four systems to access a passenger port at Kuat, four systems to access a freight port, and four unknown systems that could access an Imperial port.



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