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Kubindi was a terrestrial world and home to the Kubaz. Kubindi orbited a blue giant star that emitted powerful solar flares. The planet was regularly hit with this radiation, causing erratic weather patterns and making the world dry and arid.


An arid world, the planet was initially covered in dense forests before being irradiated by powerful solar flares from the blue giant Ku'Bakai. As the native Kubaz delved underground, massive hives were constructed in a series of mountain-based caves and caverns. The planet was home to a multitude of insects which served as the staple of the Kubazi diet.[3]


Discovered by the Galactic Republic during the Kymoodon Era, the Kubaz had developed small space craft capable of reaching nearby planetary bodies but lacking hyperdrive technology. After a brief encounter with the Verpine species, a race the Kubaz considered cuisine, the Republic discouraged advancement of the Kubazi hyperdrive and the planet largely remained isolated.

During the Galactic War between the Republic and the reconstituted Sith Empire, the government of Kubindi asked for help regarding the invention of an effective vaccine against a virus that spread on Kubindi.[9]

In the final decades of the Republic, the world was enveloped by the Hutt Empire and all but forgotten by a corrupt Galactic Senate on Coruscant.[2] The business of Kubindi developed entirely into the sale and production of insects, which financed other projects in technology and space travel. Kubazi clothing was one export, introduced by the Techno Union to the Mustafarians. As life centered around maintaining their own hives to survive on their world, a shortage of food during its early years as part of the galactic community sparked a civil war known as the Hive Wars. As the science of insecticulture developed, tensions calmed and the Kubaz were able to continue as a civilization. Governed by their clan's queen mother, the Kubazi clan hives produced color-coded insects to prevent other clans for mistaking another hives' insects for their own. The planet had many insect farms and was famous for its Force nexus, the Silver Forest of Dreams. The natives lived in hive-mounds ruled by matriarchal queens. Many richer clans escaped the irradiated world, settling more fertile planets in the Ku'Bakai system and erecting new hives there.[3]

A Kubaz, a native of Kubindi.

As the Clone Wars ground on in the greater galaxy, the Kubaz began to develop their own hyperdrive technology but were quickly sabotaged by Imperial agents when the Galactic Empire came to power. The Imperial propaganda machine quickly churned out false leads pointing to the Rebel Alliance as the true perpetrators of the attacks to discourage the race from looking to join their cause. Despite Imperial attempts some saw through the lies and joined the Alliance as spies or agents of espionage. Other joined the Empire and worked in crowded cities and ports, reporting to the local Imperial garrisons on the goings-on of local taverns and other breeding grounds for dissension and rebellion. During this era, the Kubaz established a colony on Doornik-319, which they named Morning's Bell.[10]

Ten months into the Yuuzhan Vong War, the Ku'Bakai system was conquered, the Yuuzhan Vong having been attracted by the Kubaz history of insectile genetic engineering. The battle for the planet was long and fierce. Jedi Knight Kyp Durron's Dozen and Two Avengers squadron was able to keep the alien invaders at bay long enough for the Verpine and Kubaz to evacuate the system. The planet was eventually conquered and was used as an outpost by Yuuzhan Vong. However, the planet was later liberated by the Galactic Alliance, with the intent of using it as a fallback point in case Dac was attacked. The Kubaz had begun returning to their homeworld by the end of the Swarm War.



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