Kugg was a green-skinned, porcine non-Human male who acted as dictator of the planet Dodz. He referred to himself as governor, and grew angry when not called by that title.

Kugg relied on his war droid, the Destroyer, to do his bidding whenever the planet's merchants did not pay his increasingly higher taxes. For pleasure and enjoyment, he watched tapes of the Destroyer's acts of destruction. When a young resident of Dodz, Jost Ellon, stood up for his people with the aid of R2-D2, C-3PO and an outdated Ranger X-1 war droid, the Destroyer was eliminated in a battle with the Ranger X-1. The citizens of Dodz arrested Kugg so he could face trial for his actions, ending his reign.

Behind the scenesEdit

Kugg was created by David Manak, John Romita and Carlos Garzón, but his species was not identified.



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