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"I have spoken."

Kuiil was an Ugnaught male who had worked a lifetime to be free of servitude. He came to the out-of-the-way planet of Arvala-7 seeking peace, and worked as a vapor farmer who offered valuable skills to those who could meet his price. Eventually, criminals and mercenaries trespassed on his world during the time of the New Republic, and at some point Kuiil encountered the Mandalorian bounty hunter Din Djarin. Kuiil offered him aid, and Djarin eventually liberated the child Grogu, who was the cause of the criminal activities on the planet. However, due to Jawas looting his ship, the Razor Crest, Djarin could not leave the planet, and Kuiil decided to help him barter with the Jawas for his ship parts and then help repair it. Kuiil was offered a place alongside Djarin, who said that he could use Kuiil's continued help, but Kuiil politely declined and decided to remain on Arvala-7. Shortly after, Djarin returned to visit Kuiil and ask for help taking down an Imperial remnant on Nevarro. Kuiil agreed to help and joined Djarin's crew. Kuiil watched over Grogu as the others moved in, but he was eventually tracked down, shot, and killed by scout troopers on speeder bikes.


Imperial slave and life on Arvala-7

"What? When you worked for the Empire?"
"When I was sold to the Empire, in indentured servitude."
"Yet somehow, you walk free."
"I bought my freedom through the skill of my hands and the labor of three of your human lifetimes."
―Cara Dune and Kuiil[5]

The Ugnaught Kuiil worked for the Galactic Empire as an indentured servant, utilized for his craftsmanship and mechanics skills. After earning his freedom by serving for many years, Kuiil ventured off to the distant and remote desert planet of Arvala-7 to work in solitude as a moisture farmer.[5] However, during the New Republic Era, criminals and mercenaries began to trespass on Arvala-7.[4]

Moisture farmer

Meeting the Mandalorian

"Since these ones arrived, this territory has been an endless stream of mercenaries seeking reward and bringing destruction."
"Then why did you guide me?"
"They do not belong here. Those that live here come to seek peace. There will be no peace until they're gone."
―Kuiil and Din Djarin[6]

Kuiil riding with the Mandalorian towards the encampment.

In 9 ABY, Kuiil stumbled upon the Mandalorian bounty hunter Din Djarin being attacked by two blurrgs and decided to rescue him and take him back to his moisture farm. There, a discussion of Djarin's job took place, with Kuiil confiding to Djarin that many bounty hunters had come searching for the same asset as he had, disturbing the peace on the solitary planet. After some talk, Kuiil decided to teach Djarin how to ride a blurrg so they could reach the Nikto mercenary encampment where his target was being held. As Djarin struggled, Kuiil motivated the bounty hunter by telling him of his ancestors that had rode the great mythosaur. Afterwards, the two ventured out to the encampment. Kuiil left Djarin and wished him luck, heading back to the farm.[6]

Negotiating with Jawas

Some time later, Djarin returned to Kuiil's farm after successfully retrieving his bounty and explained that his ship, the Razor Crest, had been salvaged and looted by local Jawas, leaving him stranded. Kuiil was surprised to see Djarin alive and that Grogu was what all the bounty hunter trouble had been about. Kuiil agreed to assist Djarin in recovering the stolen parts of his ship and suggested that Djarin try trading with the Jawas instead of fighting them.[7]

Kuiil and Djarin travel through rain to the Jawa camp.

The next morning, Kuiil took Djarin and Grogu to the Jawas' sandcrawler. At first, the Jawas were afraid of the Mandalorian, as he had killed several of them the day before in his first attempt to retrieve his parts, but Kuiil eventually convinced Djarin to drop his weapons and try to negotiate peacefully. The Jawas agreed to trade the Razor Crest's salvaged parts in exchange for Djarin's beskar armor or for Grogu, both of which he aggressively refused. When Djarin started threatening the Jawas with his flamethrower after he tried to communicate in the Jawas' language and they laughed and said he sounded like a Wookiee, Kuiil took over with the negotiations. Eventually, the Jawas agreed to give Djarin his stolen parts back if he obtained a mudhorn egg for them, to which Djarin agreed.[7]

Kuiil, Djarin, and Grogu rode inside the Jawas' sandcrawler towards the nest of the mudhorn. When they arrived, Djarin took his weapons and Grogu and headed off in search of the mudhorn. A while later, the Jawas grew impatient and started to drive off despite Kuiil's protests. Just at that moment, however, Djarin returned with the egg; his armor badly damaged and covered in mud. Kuiil was pleased to see that his friends survived and commented that he was surprised it took Djarin so long, to which Djarin said he was surprised that Kuiil waited for him. Kuiil helped Djarin load his parts onto the hoversled and rode back to the moisture farm with him. On the journey, Kuiil asked if Grogu was injured, to which Djarin said that he didn't think he was physically injured and explained how he had helped him kill the mudhorn. Kuiil said that he still didn't understand what happened and Djarin admitted that he didn't either.[7]

Repairing the Razor Crest

"There's no way we're going to get this to work without a full maintenance facility. This is gonna take days to fix."
"If you care to help, it might go faster. […] There is much work to do."
―Din Djarin and Kuiil[7]

Kuiil helps repair the Razor Crest.

When they eventually arrived at the remains of the Razor Crest, Djarin commented that it would take him days to fix the ship without a proper maintenance facility. Kuiil helped Djarin repair the ship, saying there was much work to do. Working together, they managed to repair and restore the ship's systems and parts. Later, Djarin told Kuiil that he could not thank him enough for his assistance and offered to share part of the bounty's reward with him as well as inviting Kuiil aboard as a crew member, stating that he could use someone of his ability and offered to pay him handsomely. Kuiil said that he would be honored but that he had spent a lifetime working to be free of servitude, declining both offers. Djarin said he understood and offered Kuiil his thanks. Kuiil thanked Djarin for bringing peace to his valley before mounting his blurrg. Before leaving, he wished a blessing on Grogu, hoping that it would bring a handsome reward for Djarin.[7]

Rebuilding IG-11

Kuiil repairing IG-11.

After Djarin left Arvala-7, Kuiil headed to the Nikto encampment where Grogu had been kept and where Djarin had shot the assassin droid turned bounty hunter IG-11. Finding IG-11's remains, Kuiil brought them back to his farm, where he rebuilt and reprogrammed the droid, despite little remaining of the neural harness, and staked it as his own in accordance with the Charter of the New Republic. Kuiil patiently trained it to perform domestic and manual tasks around the farm such as cooking, cleaning, and feeding the blurrgs. Over time, IG-11 began to develop his own personality based on his experiences with Kuiil.[5]

Reunited with the Mandalorian

Djarin returns to Arvala-7 to ask Kuiil for help.

Some time later, Djarin returned to Kuiil's moisture farm with Grogu and the ex-Rebellion shock trooper Cara Dune. Kuiil commented that Grogu didn't seem to have grown much and thought that he wasn't genetically engineered because he looked too evolved. He also quipped that Dune was farmed in the Cytocaves of Nora before Djarin officially introduced them. Kuiil commented that he also served in the war, but on the "other side."[5]

When IG-11 entered, both Dune and Djarin were wary and pointed their blasters at him. Kuiil explained how he found the droid's remains in the Nikto encampment and brought him home to repair and reprogram him. Djarin explained that he returned to Arvala-7 to enlist Kuiil's services in watching over Grogu while they join up with Greef Karga on Nevarro and attempt to take out the Client, however Kuiil said that he is unwilling to put himself into another being's services since he freed himself from his indentured service. However, the Mandalorian still wanted to hire him, so Kuiil offered to reprogram IG-11 to serve as a nanny for Grogu. Djarin expressed his distrust of droids, but eventually allowed the droid to join them in their mission. Kuiil refused to accept any payment for his services, telling Djarin that he was doing it to protect Grogu from Imperial slavery. When Kuiil also insisted that Djarin allow him to take his blurrgs along, the bounty hunter obliged and penned the beasts inside the cargo hold of the Razor Crest.[5]

Voyage to Nevarro

During the journey, Djarin and Dune engaged in a game of arm wrestling. Grogu, believing that the Mandalorian was in danger, Force choked Dune until Djarin told him that she is a friend. Kuiil commented that Grogu was curious and now understood Djarin's earlier encounter with the mudhorn, although he could not name the phenomenon. Dune questioned how Kuiil walked free of Imperial indentured servitude, to which he said that he bought his freedom with the skills of his hands and the labor of three human lifetimes; telling her not to doubt him. Later, Djarin asked for Kuiil's help in padding Grogu's pram. Kuiil accepted and said that it was a way to prove how he freed himself from servitude through his craftsmanship.[5]

Kuiil, Djarin, and Dune meet with Karga.

The Razor Crest landed in a remote part of Nevarro, where they were met by Karga and four other bounty hunters. Karga explained that he had arranged for a rendezvous in a remote location because the town was now run by ex-Imperial forces. Karga suggested that Dune stay behind to guard the ship from Jawas, however Djarin insisted that Dune would join them and IG-11 stayed behind instead. Karga agreed but told Dune to cover her rebel tattoo. They agreed that Djarin, Dune, and Kuiil would ride the blurrgs while Karga and his men walked.[5]

That night, they set up a campfire and grilled a four-legged beast and the team went over their plan, which involved entering the common house and showing the bait to the Client before killing him at the table. Suddenly, several native reptavians descended on the group. Two of Karga's men and two of the blurrgs were killed in the following fight and Karga sustained a poisoned bite which would have proven fatal if Grogu hadn't been able to Force heal him, much to the amazement of everyone else.[5]

Kuiil attempts to rescue Grogu on a blurrg.

The following day, the group continued their journey. When they arrived, Karga and his two remaining men attempted to ambush Djarin and Dune, however Karga had a change of heart and shot his men dead. Karga explained that their initial plan had been to kill them and take Grogu but he couldn't go through with it after the infant saved his life. Karga tried to convince Djarin and Dune not to kill him by explaining that Grogu won't be safe with him dead, but they didn't listen to him until Kuiil convinced them to hear Karga out. The four agreed to send Dune and Karga in with Djarin pretending to be their prisoner along with Grogu's empty pram as a decoy to allow them to get close to the Client and kill him. Djarin told Kuiil to take Grogu back to the Razor Crest on the surviving blurrg and to activate the ground security protocols once he got there. Kuiil vowed to keep Grogu safe and told Dune to cover her stripes.[5]


"Kuiil? Are you there? Do you copy? Kuiil? Kuiil!"
―Din Djarin attempts to contact Kuiil[5]

A while later, as Kuiil was riding his blurrg back to the Razor Crest with Grogu, he was contacted through his comlink by Djarin, who urgently told him to flee. Unfortunately, the conversation was also received by two scout troopers on speeder bikes who began to pursue Kuiil. As Kuiil approached the Razor Crest, he lowered the ramp. However, just before Kuiil reached the safety of the ship, he and his blurrg were shot and killed by one of the scout troopers. Grogu was scooped up by a trooper to be taken back to Moff Gideon.[5]

Din Djarin walks away after he buried Kuiil.

Shortly after, Djarin tried to contact Kuiil through his comlink again, but IG-11 answered instead and informed the Mandalorian that Kuiil had been terminated but he had successfully recovered Grogu and was fulfilling his base structure to nurse and protect.[3]

After completing his mission, Djarin returned to the Razor Crest with Grogu and buried Kuiil's body, putting his goggle cap on the headstone.[3]

Personality and traits

"I could use a crew member of your ability. And I can pay handsomely."
"I am honored, but I have worked a lifetime to finally be free of servitude."
"I understand. Then all I can offer is my thanks."
"And I offer mine. Thank you for bringing peace to my valley."
―Din Djarin and Kuiil[7]

Kuiil was a caring, wise, and gentle person. He had some knowledge of Mandalorian culture, telling Djarin that his ancestors had learned to ride the great mythosaurs when Djarin struggled to master blurrg riding.[6] Kuiil was good with machines, helping Djarin fix his ship after it was scrapped by Jawas[7] and tinkering with the destroyed bounty hunter IG-11 and successfully reprogramming him.[5]

Behind the scenes

Kuiil first appeared in the first episode of the 2019 Disney+ television series The Mandalorian,[6] which aired on November 12, 2019.[8] He was portrayed by Misty Rosas and voiced by Nick Nolte.[6]


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