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Kuiil's moisture farm, also known as Kuiil's ranch, was a moisture farm on Arvala-7, operated by the Ugnaught Kuiil, who worked as a moisture farmer in an attempt to find peace in a reclusive world.[1][2] The farm included living quarters and an fenced-off pen area outside where he kept blurrg.[1] Around 9 ABY,[1][3] Kuiil assisted visitors and passers-by at the farm, including bounty hunters who attempted to raid the nearby Nikto mercenary encampment to collect a bounty on an infant of Yoda's species, Grogu. Among those Kuiil assisted at the farm was The Mandalorian. He offered The Mandalorian temporary shelter at the farm, and helped him learn how to ride a blurrg in the fenced-off pen.[1]

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