Kukuia nuts were a type of nut that could be cracked with the application of significant pressure[1] and were consumable by humans.[2] During the rebellion on the Outer Rim planet Akiva[1] in 4 ABY,[3] the modified B1-series battle droid Mister Bones used his astromech droid limb to forcefully strike an Imperial stormtrooper's white armor, causing it to split similarly to a cracked kukuia nut.[1]

During the Battle of Jakku[2] in 5 ABY,[4] New Republic pilot Norra Wexley escaped Imperial custody on the planet Jakku and rendezvoused with a shuttle her teammate Jas Emari had stolen from the bounty hunter Mercurial Swift. Once on board, Wexley consumed survival rations stored in a locker on the vessel, which consisted of kukuia nuts, dried galcot, and kalpa sea-threads. She reflected that it was not good food, though the pilot continued to chew on the nuts as she and Emari discussed their next move.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Kukuia nuts were first mentioned in Aftermath, a 2015 novel written by Chuck Wendig.[1] The nuts first appeared in Aftermath: Empire's End, a 2017 novel also written by Wendig, misspelled as "kukula nuts."[2]


Notes and references[]

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