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Kullgroon was a planet[5] located in the galaxy where droids were repaired at an outpost. During the reign of the Galactic Empire, the Empire enslaved the Petrusians who worked at the outpost, including Rythus, who was the father of freedom fighter Kristiss. Kristiss later hired the smuggler Lando Calrissian to smuggle weapons to the Petrusians on Kullgroon so they could earn their freedom.[2] Lando travelled through the Wastelands Of Kullgroon where he was captured by outlaws of the planet. He managed to escape and lead the revolting Petrusians.[3]


The Wastelands Of Kullgroon

Kullgroon was a frigid planet with many mountains. A wasteland was located on the planet where crashed ships were scattered around along with the bodies of battle droids and clone troopers. The Empire set up an outpost on the planet where enslaved Petrusians were forced to repair droids.[3]


Kullgroon was home to two different unidentified creatures. A large red skinned creature lived underneath the surface of the planet.[3] Small blue skinned spider-like creatures lived in the sewers of Kullgroon. They could reassemble themselves after being destroyed. A much larger version of this creature also existed but were not as common as their smaller counterparts.[4]


Revolt on Kullgroon

Kullgroon was under Imperial occupation during the Imperial Era. During the occupation, an outpost was set up on the planet by the Galactic Empire. Enslaved Pestrusians were forced to repair old droids at the outpost. Kristiss hired Lando Calrissian and his droid L3-37 to smuggle weapons so her people could rise up against the Empire.[2] Lando, L3 and Kristiss traveled through the wastelands of the planet to get to the outpost. Lando was captured by Batalla and his outlaws of the wastelands, while Kristiss and L3 were captured by the Empire.[1] Kristiss was forced to work at the outpost with the other Pestrusians while L3 escaped Imperial custody. Lando tried to escape from Batalla but was recaptured and forced to fight in a arena. L3 returned to the Millennium Falcon and freed Lando.[3] Lando headed back to the outpost where he rallied the enslaved Pestrusians to the cause.[4] They used melee weapons to break out of the outpost and L3 gave them blasters to fight back. Kristiss programmed the repaired droids to also rise up against the Empire. With the help of Lando and L3 the Pestrusians and the droids defeated the Empire.[6]


The enslaved Pestrusians inhabited the outpost on Kullgroon.[2] Batalla and his outlaws inhabited the wastelands of the planet.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Kullgroon first appeared in Lando - Double or Nothing 1 written by Rodney Barnes and illustrated by Paolo Villanelli. The comic was published on May 30, 2018.[2] Kullgroon appeared in the rest of the miniseries. Kullgroon was also mentioned in the non-canon world-building video game, Disney Magic Kingdoms.[7]


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