«Ah, nothing matches being at the helm of a ship flying through the deep, black reaches of space»
―Kulton Woodle[src]

Kulton Woodle was a Mon Calamari male who worked as a freighter pilot and captain. He had retired by the time of the Galactic Civil War, after the Battle of Yavin, and spent his days outside of the spaceport of the city of Theed on the planet Naboo with his droid, J1-P0. During that time, he had a conversation with a spacer about what he did and did not miss about life as a pilot. Kulton liked to stand outside of the spaceport in an effort to hear the stories of fellow pilots in order to relive his glory days.


«It is the journey I miss, but not the destinations.»
―Kulton Woodle, on space flight[src]

Kulton Woodle was a dark purple-skinned Mon Calamari male freighter captain and pilot who operated just prior to the Galactic Civil War. He had retired from piloting by the time of aftermath of the Battle of Yavin, during the height of the war. By then, he owned a 3PO-series protocol droid, J1-P0, and he spent his time outside the spaceport in Theed, the capital city of the planet Naboo. During that time, Woodle struck up a conversation with a spacer. The Mon Calamari told the spacer about what he did and did not miss about flying and that he enjoyed hearing the stories of his fellow pilots as they came through the Theed Spaceport.[1]

Personality and traits[]

Woodle was a capable pilot and captain. He enjoyed his retirement from piloting, although he missed the feeling that came with being in space at the helm of a starship. However, he did not miss the bureaucracy and bookkeeping that also came with piloting a freighter. Woodle preferred to spend his retirement outside the spaceport in Theed, trying to relive his glory days by talking with other pilots and spacers. Woodle spoke Mon Calamarian, and, according to his droid, that was the only language he knew. He had gray eyes and purple-colored skin.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Kulton Woodle first appeared in the 2004 Star Wars Galaxies expansion pack, Jump to Lightspeed. He was added with the expansion as a way to advertise to players that space flight was available in the game. Prior to November 2005, players could teach other players how to comprehend languages they knew how to speak. With the removal of the ability to teach these languages, however, Woodle would not speak with characters who did not learn Mon Calamarian comprehension prior to their removal.[1]


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