The Kumumgah were a technologically-advanced species that lived on Tatooine. They eventually developed spaceflight and, against the wishes of their elders, began the colonization of other worlds. This drew the attention of the Rakata, who conquered, enslaved, and annexed them to their Infinite Empire in 25,793 BBY. The Kumumgah eventually rebelled and were punished by the Rakata, who bombed the surface of the once lush world of Tatooine into little more than fused glass. This glass eventually crumbled and became desert sand. The extreme climate change had the Kumumgah evolve into two races: the Ghorfas (the Sand People), and the Jawas.

Behind the scenesEdit

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic puts forth the theory that perhaps the Kumumgah, and subsequently the Ghorfas and Jawas[1] are, in fact, Human, or at least are related to them. During dialogue with the tribe's storyteller in the Sand People's village, if the main character, Revan, asks whether the similarities between those who were taken by the Rakata and the Human colonists are physical or societal, HK-47 will remark, "Cautionary: Master, if you mean to suggest that humanity is ancestrally linked to ancient Tatooine, you will strain his belief system to its pitiful meatbag maximum."



Notes and referencesEdit

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