"How many times have you had to change ammo!?"
―Kumus to Meetra Surik[1]

Kumus was a Human male Mandalorian warrior who was recruited into Clan Ordo who had been sent into the jungle planet of Dxun.


"Bravery is commendable, but there is no honor in suicide."

Kumus, along with other warrior recruits, had been sent out to find and uncover several caches of weapons that the old Mandalore had ordered left behind on the moon of Onderon in the wake of the impending Republic assault in the last months of the Mandalorian Wars. Unfortunately he became stranded in the jungle when, after setting one of his permacrete charges, the rest of his equipment was raided and devoured by cannoks. As he tried to retrieve the rest of his gear, several boma beasts showed up, and with his blaster useless from smashing in the skull of a cannok, Kumus was forced to flee to higher ground, where he was found three days later by Meetra Surik and her party.

Kumus was rescued by Surik and quickly returned to the Mandalorian camp; while Xarga, the camp's drill instructor, was pleased that the warrior had returned safely, he was concerned that Kumus may not have been telling him everything about the incident, however he shrugged it off as a case of combat-related stress. Some time later, when the camp was attacked by Sith assassins, Kumus, according both to himself and Xarga, did well in the following skirmish. Xarga said with pride that he "may make a Mandalorian out of him yet."

Behind the scenes[]

"Don't press that button, it'll blow up all my charges!"
(presses button) "You mean this button here?"
―Kumus and Meetra Surik[1]

Non-canonically, Surik can kill Kumus by detonating permacrete charges that blow him apart, bringing Surik closer to the dark side of the Force and influencing some of Surik's companions and is approved by HK-47. Alternatively, the player can tell Xarga the truth about Kumus's tardiness, humiliating the warrior. Additionally, if Kumus is not found before Surik leaves for Iziz, Kumus disappears and cannot be found in the jungles of Dxun.


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