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The Kupohan were a sentient species from the planet of Kupoh in the system of the same name. Due to the strong winds of their ecosystem, they had evolved their frequency filter organs to screen out all the noise and detect voices, which also helped them hunt. They helped the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War, so when Luke Skywalker came across one of their ships being attacked by a pair of TIE/ln space superiority starfighters while on a mission to Rodia, he decided to risk his mission in order to help out the Kupohans, who were able to escape to hyperspace with Luke's help.[1]


Kupohans had two sets of ears and six frequency filters, giving them a range of hearing far beyond humans and most other species and making them ideal spies. They were able to filter out extraneous noise in crowded cantinas and eavesdrop on single conversations across the room. Their senses of smell and sight were also superior to humans.[1]


The Kupohans did not wear jewelry for fashion, but rather as an indication of status. Their neck torcs were golden rings that they acquired once every decade. These torcs allowed them to avoid rude questions pertaining to age, since one was able to count the rings and know that an individual was in their twenties, thirties, and so on.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Kevin Hearne's concept for the Kupohan species.

The Kupohan species were created for Kevin Hearne's 2015 novel, Heir to the Jedi. While writing the novel, Hearne drew what he envisioned the Kupohan to look like, and used the drawing as a reference. He later posted the image on his Twitter page.[2]



Notes and references[]

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