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"Aliens have shed alien blood! But for what? Did you gain peace? Freedom from tyranny? No! The search for revenge has only brought you death and given you cause to distrust each other. Isn't this exactly what the Diversity Alliance promised to prevent?"
―Kur speaking to Diversity Alliance members during the fighting on Ryloth[src]

Kur was a male Twi'lek who served as head of Ryloth's government in the New Republic Senate.[1] He had formerly been a clan leader until his clan was defeated by Nolaa Tarkona, founder of the anti-Human Diversity Alliance. Instead of being banished to the Bright Lands as many other previous clan leaders were, Kur was banished to the cold wastes of Ryloth's night side. In 24 ABY, he was rescued by Jacen Solo and Tenel Ka—also on the run from Nolaa Tarkona.[2] Later, he accompanied a New Republic inspection team to Ryloth to investigate reports of the Diversity Alliance keeping Human slave miners and stocking up weapons to wage war on the New Republic. The inspection quickly escalated into a firefight, yet Kur stepped forward and convinced everyone to lay down their arms. Following the mission, the people of Ryloth appointed Kur head of government. As one of his first acts in office, Kur sent two delegates to the New Republic Senate, one male Twi'lek and one female Twi'lek.[1]


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