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[[Category:Males|Vos, Kurlin]]
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[[Category:Kiffu Guardians|Vos, Kurlin]]
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[[de:Kurlin Vos]]

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Kurlin Vos was a sheyf of Kiffu and Kiffex around 60 BBY. His sister was Tinté Vos.


Kurlin allowed Tholme, the Jedi Watchman of Kiffu to train the young Quinlan Vos as a Jedi, despite the strong objections of Tinté.

After the deaths of Quinlan's mother and father, Tinté made Quinlan use his psychometric powers to relive their deaths, hoping to turn him to the dark side of the Force. This enraged Kurlin, who gave permission for Tholme to take Quinlan to Coruscant for training, rather than remaining on Kiffu.

In response to this, Tinté poisoned Kurlin's drink. Having killed her brother, she began her long reign as sheyf.



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