"Open fire on the shields! Kusurrun, you will dive onto the shield over the enemy command center at maximum thrust!"
―Warmaster Tsavong Lah, during the Battle of Ebaq[src]

Kusurrun was a Yuuzhan Vong ro'ik chuun m'arh frigate that took part in the invasion of a galaxy that was, for the most part, controlled by the New Republic. Part of the Battle Group of Yun-Yuuzhan, Kusurrun participated in the Battle of Ebaq in 28 ABY, in which Yuuzhan Vong forces engaged those of the New Republic. During the conflict, Warmaster Tsavong Lah had Kusurrun immolate itself upon the planetary shields covering the planetoid Ebaq 9 in order to bring them down.


Kusurrun was a ro'ik chuun m'arh[1] frigate used by the Yuuzhan Vong species.[2]


In existence by the year 28 ABY,[2][3] during an invasion of a galaxy controlled mainly by the government of the New Republic, Kusurrun participated in the the Battle of Ebaq. There, Kusurrun was a part of the Battle Group of Yun-Yuuzhan, which was commanded by Warmaster Tsavong Lah, as Lah attempted to destroy a New Republic base on the planetoid of Ebaq 9 in the Treskov system; the base was actually bait for a trap that the New Republic's Admiral Gial Ackbar had designed to give his side a much-needed victory against the Yuuzhan Vong empire. As the battle began to look as if the New Republic would defeat the Yuuzhan Vong forces in the Treskov system, Lah had Kusurrun and the rest of the Battle Group of Yun-Yuuzhan, along with some of his other forces, head for Ebaq 9, where a couple of New Republic–allied Jedi Knights were stationed, so that the Warmaster might kill them.[2]

Hoping to bring down the planetary shields over Ebaq 9, Lah ordered Kusurrun to commit a suicide run on the shields to damage them, and also had the battle group's Victory Section follow the frigate to take out the shield with their gravity-manipulating dovin basals. The frigate did as ordered, impacting the shield over the enemy command center on Ebaq 9 at top speed and destroying itself, though the shields held despite Victory Section's best efforts. However, the Warmaster eventually managed to get the shields down, after ordering at least one more frigate to make a suicide run, and landed his warriors on the planetoid. Despite this, the battle ended in a spectacular victory for the New Republic, with Lah perishing in the fighting.[2]

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Kusurrun's first and only appearance to date is in The New Jedi Order: Destiny's Way, a novel released in 2002 and written by Walter Jon Williams.


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