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The Kwa were an ancient species native to the Outer Rim world of Dathomir that built the Infinity Gates and Star Temples during the Pre-Republic era.[2] The Infinity Gates were permanent structures capable of enabling near instant travel between interstellar locations and were housed within the Star Temples.[1]

Biology and appearance[edit | edit source]

Kwa were bipedal, three-meters tall, cobalt-blue-skinned saurians with telepathic abilities. They also had the ability to run at incredible speeds.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

The Kwa originated on the Outer Rim world of Dathomir and developed into a galactic power hundreds of thousands of years before the Galactic Republic. They developed the Infinity Gates which enabled near-instant travel between various interstellar locations.[2] However, they could also operate as superweapons since they were modeled on a Celestial concept. These were housed within vast pyramidal structures known as the Star Temples.[1] This technology enabled them to carve up a regional empire known as the Kwa holdings.[1]

The Conflict between the Kwa and the burgeoning Infinite Empire.

Through their Infinity Gates, the Kwa arrived on the planet Lehon where they encountered the primitive Rakata. During this encounter, they sensed that the native species were strong Force-sensitives and they uplifted them as the Kwa had done to many other worlds. This saw the Rakata gaining knowledge of the Force and they were also given advanced technology. In time, the Kwa discovered that they had made a grievous mistake as they did not understand the true dark nature of the Rakata who lived to conquer and destroy.[3] Around 100,000 BBY, they encountered the Gree Empire, leading to border disputes between them.[1] With the advent of the Rakatan Infinite Empire, the species began to lose their influence on galactic politics.[1]

In time, the Rakata came to desire the Infinity Gates of their former benefactors which was a secret the Kwa refused to share with them. This led to a war between the two races where the Kwa fought their former proteges on Lehon itself in order to destroy the Infinity Gate on the planet. Afterwards, the Kwa began to either destroy or disable the gates on other worlds whilst they retreated from Rakatan aggression. In time, the Kwa would retreat back to their homeworld of Dathomir though some remained on worlds such as Tython.[3] After sealing the Infinity Gates and Star Temples, they set guardians to protect the Temples—giant whuffa worms with thick hides and an impressive turn of speed.[2] Though the Infinite Empire wiped out the rest of the Kwa around the galaxy,[1] the original inhabitants of Dathomir eventually evolved—or rather degenerated—into the Kwi.[2]

Millennia later, many of the Kwa's descendants were slaughtered by the Nightsisters when the witches discovered the Gate. The surviving Kwi fled into the desert where they would form tribes, including the Blue Desert People and the Blue Mountain People.

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