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"Attuned to the Power of the Cosmos, my people traveled the galaxy via Infinity Gates—portals that transported us instantly between great distances. We observed many worlds and brought civilization to their people."

The Kwa holdings was an interstellar benevolent empire in the Outer Rim Territories during the Pre-Republic era. It was dominated by the saurian Kwa species of Dathomir whom had mastered the Force which they called the Power of the Cosmos. Travel across the empire was facilitated by the Infinity Gates which enabled near-instant travel and could double as superweapons since they were modelled on Celestial concepts. Around 100,000 BBY, the Kwa Holdings encountered the Gree Empire, leading to border disputes between them.

Due to the ascendancy of the Rakatan Infinite Empire, the Kwa Holdings declined in political influence. The Infinite Empire waged war on the Kwa and annexed the empire, exterminating the Kwa around the galaxy, though the original inhabitants of Dathomir remained and eventually evolved—or rather degenerated—into the Kwi by 8 ABY. All that remained of the Kwa Holdings were the Infinity Gates and Star Temples which were protected by bio-engineered giant whuffa worms.



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