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"Let's make this quick, I think I was followed."
―Raymas Daal, during his meeting with the agents at the restaurant[1]

The city Kwilaan on the planet Naboo contained a restaurant. Prior to the Invasion of Naboo in 32 BBY, the criminal Raymas Daal held a meeting at the restaurant with several agents, whom he hired to disrupt a sensor array. The meeting was interrupted by Royal Naboo Security Forces officers who attempted to apprehend Daal. However, Daal escaped the restaurant and evaded the officers' blaster-fire.


A small restaurant was located in the city Kwilaan on the planet Naboo. It had a rectangular shape with doors on each of its longer side walls.[1]


"Come with me, Daal. I've got a few questions."
―The leader of the Royal Naboo Security Forces officers, to Raymas Daal inside the restaurant[1]

Shortly before the Invasion of Naboo by the Trade Federation[1] in 32 BBY,[2] the secret Trade Federation operative and small-time criminal Raymas Daal scheduled a meeting at the restaurant with a group of agents,[1] who were students from the Royal House of Learning named Arani Korden, Rorworr, Deel Surool, and Sia-Lan Wezz.[3] The agents arrived at the restaurant first and took a table near the back door, and they were nearly about to leave when Daal arrived and joined their table. Daal explained that he believed he was followed and wanted the meeting concluded swiftly, offering the group 8,000 credits in exchange for temporarily deactivating a sensor array outside of Kwilaan.[1]

Just as the group finished asking Daal questions about the job, three plainclothes Security Officers of the Royal Naboo Security Forces arrived at the restaurant, hoping to take Daal in for questioning. They headed for Daal's table and the leader of the officers asked Daal to come with him, which prompted Daal to dash from his seat to the rear exit. The officers began firing at him with blasters, and one of them turned his weapon towards the students. However, they were able to deal with the officers and completed the attack on the sensor array as planned.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The restaurant in Kwilaan was mentioned in the Star Wars: Invasion of Theed Adventure Game scenario "Signal Interruption," written by Jesse Decker, illustrated by Adam Hughes, and published on the Wizards of the Coast website on August 9, 2001. "Signal Interruption" is designed to be completed with the playable characters from the Invasion of Theed Adventure Game in the role of the agents hired by Raymas Daal.[1]

The first two encounters take place inside the restaurant, with the gamemaster player using door tokens from the Invasion of Theed Adventure Game to set up a part of the building's layout. In the first encounter, the player characters ask questions about the attack on the sensor array and can negotiate their fee. In the second encounter, the players choose how to deal with the Security Officers, with the scenario suggesting that dark side characters would find the quickest resolution by attacking as soon as the officers draw their weapons.[1] This article assumes the scenario plays out as described.


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