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The Kwymar Suppressions described a series of attacks made by the Galactic Empire to subjugate planets in the Kwymar sector in 17 BBY.

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A conflict in the Kwymar sector was first mentioned in Star Wars Miniatures Battles, p. 82. The Kwymar Suppressions were expanded in the miniature scenarios The Hunt Within: Valance's Tale by author Jason Fry who also named the campaign. Several battles from the Imperial Sourcebook and other previous sources were retconed as part of the campaign.[7] Most of these sources likely placed this campaign during the Galactic Civil War and The Essential Atlas then put those battles on its "Flashpoints of the Galactic Civil War (2 BBY4 ABY)" map. However, The Essential Guide to Warfare cut content eventually stated this campaign occurred in 17 BBY.



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