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The kyber dart was a projectile toxic dart produced by the Kaminoans of Kamino, and saw use during the Dark Wars.


The Kaminoans had an intimate knowledge of genetic engineering and xenobiology, which allowed them to develop the biotoxins used in the kyber dart. These cone-shaped weapons could kill with lethal efficiency. The bounty hunter Mira, known to operate on Nar Shaddaa following the Jedi Civil War, carried an arsenal of kyber darts, fired from a wrist-mounted dart launcher.

Millennia later, during the final years of the Galactic Republic, the Kaminoans produced the saberdart, a more advanced version of the kyber dart.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Kamino saberdart seen in Attack of the Clones was known as a "Kamino kyberdart" in the film's shooting script. The prefix "kyber" has its roots in an unused concept created for A New Hope: the kyber crystal, which eventually became the Kaiburr crystal seen in Splinter of the Mind's Eye.



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