"I'd rather not do this now."
"Yeah, me too."
―Rey and Kylo Ren[src]

Kylo's chambers were Kylo Ren's personal quarters on the First Order Mega-class Star Dreadnought Supremacy. The chambers provided Ren with the isolation he needed in order to meditate on the Force. In the aftermath of the Battle of Starkiller Base, Ren returned to his chambers on board his Master Snoke's flagship. There he discovered his mysterious Force-bond with the Jakku scavenger Rey, a bond which allowed the two Force-sensitives to see and hear each other across the stars.


Kylo Ren's quarters was an austere chamber[2] located on the First Order Mega-class Star Dreadnought Supremacy. The chambers were his private rooms, and therefore, provided Ren with the isolation he needed for meditation. They contained few furnishings, but included a bed,[3] a chair[2] and a desk, on which stood a few bottles and a cup.[3] The rooms were mainly gray and dark in hue.[2]


Across the stars[]

"Can you see my surroundings?"
"You're gonna pay for what you did!"
"I can't see yours. Just you. So, no. This is something else."
―Kylo Ren and Rey[src]

The Supremacy contained the private chambers of Kylo Ren.

Rescued from the Starkiller disaster,[3] Kylo Ren returned to his Master Snoke's flagship, the Supremacy[2] in 34 ABY.[1] He did not, however, bring the charred helmet of his grandfather, the Sith Lord Darth Vader, with him to the Supremacy. Having chosen to leave his Sith trophy aboard his command ship, the Resurgent-class Star Destroyer Finalizer, Ren was not ready to face that visage until he recovered from his failure on Starkiller Base.[3]

After facing the wrath of Supreme Leader Snoke, who berated Ren for failing to defeat Rey, Ren led the initial attack on the Resistance fleet but could not bring himself to kill his mother, Leia Organa, the General of the Resistance. Returning to the Supremacy once more, he retreated into the isolation of his personal chambers aboard the dreadnought where a medical droid repaired the damage to the right side of his face.[2] The droid was still in the process of fixing the wound—an angry red line that bisected his cheek—that Rey had branded Ren with during their duel in the snows of Starkiller Base when their Force-bond connected their minds across the galaxy.[4]

Ren took advantage of the privacy his chambers provided, meditating in isolation.

Although Ren was still physically in his chambers many light-years away from the planet Ahch-To, Rey could see the First Order warlord sitting in her hut. Their connection was already so powerful that she could almost feel the the droid's work on Ren's face, as though it was pulling on her own cheek, tracing a line up from her jaw. Terrified by the sight of her nemesis, Rey fumbled for her blaster, raised it and fired on Ren, who flinched as the blaster shot energy in his direction.[4] Ren quickly recovered, the connection having ended before the energy blast reached him. He and Rey exited their respective chambers searching for each other when their connection resumed once more.[2] Intrigued by this new development, Ren deduced that Rey was not projecting herself to his location through the Force, knowing that the effort would result in her death. He also realized that she could not see his surroundings anymore than he could see hers, leading him to realize that their connection was a different ability altogether.[4]

Let the past die[]

"Why did you hate your father? Oh!"
"Because he was a weak-minded fool."
"I don't believe you. You're going to—do you have a cowl or something you can put on?"
―Rey and Kylo Ren[src]

The Force allowed Ren to appear in Rey's hut, even though he was, in fact, in his chambers many light-years away.

As time passed, the bond between Ren and Rey grew even more powerful,[3] leading to more frequent connections between them.[2] Ren was in his chambers while Rey was getting ready to leave Ahch-To, having failed to convince Jedi Master Luke Skywalker to leave his hermitage, when they became connected again. At this point, neither of them was in the mood for their usual verbal sparring, but Rey was compelled to make Ren answer for the murder of Han Solo. However, she stopped upon seeing Ren stripped to the waist in his chambers. Rey's eyebrows rose as she observed the angry scar she had given him, snaking down his face and neck and across his collarbone.[4]

Ren was seemingly unruffled by the sight of Rey or undisturbed by her question, merely responding that he considered his late father a weak-minded fool. Not accepting Ren's reply, Rey doubled down, forcing herself to look into her enemy's eyes, in which she saw an array of emotions, including anger, fear and longing. However, she became distracted by Ren's appearance once again and asked him to cover himself. Ren ignored her request, forcing Rey to make herself focus even harder on her strategy. When she demanded an honest answer, claiming she did not understand why Ren hated his father, Ren revealed that he did not kill his father out of hatred. He also took the chance to reveal to Rey his recollection of the night he destroyed his uncle Skywalker's Jedi temple—that it was, from Ren's point of view, Skywalker who betrayed and tried to murder his nephew. Before their connection ended, Ren advised Rey to put the past behind her, as it was his belief that it was the only way to achieve their true potential.[4]

The Supremacy sustained heavy damage from a Resistance attack.

In their connect connection, Rey was relieved to see Ren in her hut for once, despite knowing that he was still physically in his chambers aboard the Supremacy. Nevertheless, she found comfort in his presence, given her recent experience in a dark-side cave where she failed to find the answers she sought regarding her lost family. Confessing she felt more alone than ever, Rey reached out to Ren, fully expecting their hands to pass through each other. To their mutual surprise, they could physically touch each other through the Force, at which point Skywalker walked in on them, aghast to see his nephew and apprentice staring into each other's eyes. Skywalker broke their connection and implored Rey to not go to Ren, but the scavenger from Jakku had come to believe that the former Ben Solo would reject the dark side of the Force if she went to him.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

Kylo's chambers first appeared in the 2017 film Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi, the eighth film in the Skywalker saga.[2] It's official name originates from Star Wars: The Last Jedi: The Visual Dictionary released alongside the film.[3]



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