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"Kylo Ren and Other Dark Side Followers" is the twentieth booklet in a series of canon reference booklets titled the Star Wars Encyclopedia and was published on March 16, 2021.

Publisher's summary[]

The dark side of the Force was one of two methods employed by followers of this mystical energy field to exploit their abilities. To use the dark side it was necessary to let yourself be carried away by extreme feelings such as fear, hatred or anger. Many of those who decided to follow that path did so thinking that that way they could access a greater power, but in reality it was not like that: as Master Yoda said, the dark side was not more powerful, but faster and easier. Then there were those who, like Kylo Ren, had fallen to the dark side but at some point in their lives redeemed themselves and returned to the light side of the Force, reflecting the terrible conflict that used to reign within them.


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