The Kymoodon Era was an era of time in the galaxy that started circa 15,000 BBY that marked a second boom in expansion similar to the Great Manifest Period. Hyperspace travel became more commonplace during this time and some of the most noted starship manufacturers noted this era as the time of their founding.[3]

In the last centuries of the era, Republic colonists spread beyond the frontier into what was then the Wild Space between the Republic and Hutt Space. The Hutts sponsored numerous raids against these planets with the aim of enslaving the colonists. Lexrul, Drogheda, Hathrox, Imram and Parcovey Minor were among those colonies targeted. The successful defense of Parcovey Minor was one of the few bright spots for the colonists amid the raids. From Farm-Wife to Warrior was a contemporary account of slavery in the era.[4]

The Kymoodon Era stretched from the end of the Indecta Era in 15,000 BBY to the Pius Dea Era, which began with the election of Contispex I as Supreme Chancellor in 11,987 BBY.[1]

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