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"Don't even ask what they do up there. They keep apart. They come and go, but they're there when we need them to fight, so no questions asked. Fair bit of Fett clone blood up there, because the place was a haven for deserters during the wars."
Goran Beviin[src]

Kyrimorut was a remote bastion and stronghold located in the northern hemisphere of the Outer Rim world of Mandalore. A large example of the traditional Mandalorian dwelling known as a vheh'yaim, Kyrimorut served as the home of the Mandalorian Skirata clan, as well as a refuge for any clone trooper or commando who wished to desert the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. Following the rise of the Galactic Empire and the start of the Jedi purge beginning with the issuance of Order 66, Kyrimorut accepted clone deserters from the new Imperial Army, as well as a small number of refugee Jedi who sought to escape the Empire's persecution.


"He'll love thrashing that up and down the lake at Kyrimorut."
Kal Skirata, referring to his adopted son Mereel[src]

A Mandalorian vheh'yaim, of which Kyrimorut was a large example.

Located in the dense veshok forests of the planet Mandalore's northern hemisphere, Kyrimorut was fringed by trees and sat near a wide lake. The nearest settlement to Kyrimorut was Enceri, a relatively small trading post town.[2] The compound's main building was a large vheh'yaim: circular, partially submerged in the ground, and possessing a grass roof that camouflaged it from the air. It had narrow, slit-like windows with transparisteel panes, and the floor was constructed using wood paneling. An emergency trapdoor was installed in the floor, covered over with rope-like matting, which led down into a series of tunnels connecting the main building with a number of nearby redoubts. The large central room—known as the karyai in Mando'a, meaning "main living room"—was connected to a number of adjacent other rooms that ran around it like spokes around the hub of a wheel.[1]

Among Kyrimorut's more notable features was an armory, a fully stocked kitchen and a large dining area, a moderately equipped medical research laboratory with equipment used for studying genetics,[1] and a small medical facility maintained by the Mandalorian doctor, Mij Gilamar, and furnished with equipment Gilamar had stolen from Galactic Republic medcenters.[2] Designed to be secluded and hidden, Kyrimorut also possessed a covered hangar to discreetly store starships.[2] The homestead was also mostly self-sufficient, growing a substantial amount of its own food, and raising both nunas and roba for later consumption. However, in the early weeks of the Galactic Empire's reign, Kyrimorut's reserves were not enough to sustain its significant population, and the purchase of outside supplies was a necessity.[3]

In time, a memorial to fallen mercenaries was erected at Kyrimorut, marked with an inscription that in Mando'a read: Rejorhaa'ruetiise meg'oyacyi jorcu mhi r'asham—"Tell the aruetiise that they lived because we died."[2]


"I never fit in."
"Not even at Kyrimorut?"
"That's different. It's Misfit Central."
Ruusaan Skirata and Bardan Jusik[src]

Construction on Kyrimorut began around the year 21 BBY, on land in Mandalore's northern hemisphere owned by the veteran Mandalorian soldier, Kal Skirata. Due to his commitments to the Grand Army of the Republic, Skirata entrusted the oversight of Kyrimorut's construction to his long-time friend and colleague, Rav Bralor, whom he had spent nearly a decade with on the planet Kamino, training clone commandos for the Republic's clone army as members of the Cuy'val Dar. Bralor commanded a team of skilled construction droids in the creation of the sprawling vheh'yaim, and finally turned the property over into Skirata's possession later that year.[1]

After kidnapping the rogue Kaminoan Chief Scientist, Ko Sai, Skirata brought the captive Kaminoan to his home on Mandalore. At Kyrimorut, he kept Ko Sai imprisoned in an effort to force her to create a cure that would halt the accelerated aging that plagued the Republic's clone troopers and artificially shortened their lifespans, until the Kaminoan scientist took her own life to spite Skirata. Jedi Knight Etain Tur-Mukan had also accompanied Skirata to Kyrimorut after becoming pregnant with the child of one of Skirata's former clone commando trainees, Darman. There she stayed—away from her duties as a Jedi General in the Grand Army, and without the knowledge of the Jedi Order—until she gave birth to a baby boy she named Venku.[1]

Clan Skirata, the primary residents of Kyrimorut

With construction on the compound complete, Kyrimorut became the full time home of Clan Skirata on Mandalore. When Kal Skirata's former clone trainee Fi was gravely injured during a mission to Gaftikar, he was smuggled out of the Grand Army and brought to Kyrimorut to begin a long-term road to recovery.[1] In the aftermath of the issuance of Order 66, Kyrimorut came to house numerous other clone deserters, including the Null-class Advanced Recon Commandos—whom Skirata had trained and raised as his sons—and the clone commandos Corr and Atin of Omega Squad. They were joined by Besany Wennen, the wife of Null ARC trooper Ordo, and Atin's Twi'lek wife, Laseema. Kal Skirata's biological daughter, Ruusaan, and the late Jango Fett's sister, Arla, were also given lodgings at Kyrimorut. In addition, the former Separatist scientist Ovolot Qail Uthan had been brought to Kyrimorut to make up for the loss of Ko Sai, with Uthan persuaded to continue seeking a cure for the clones' accelerated aging.[2]

During the chaotic events on the night of Order 66's enactment, Etain Tur-Mukan was accidentally killed by a panicked Jedi Padawan when she attempted to stop a confrontation between the Padawan and a clone trooper from the 501st Legion whom he was attempting to attack with his lightsaber. Her son, Venku, was taken safely to Kyrimorut by the Skirata clan; Tur-Mukan's body was later delivered to the Mandalore homestead by a friend of the clan, Nyreen Vollen, where she was cremated in a traditional Jedi funeral the following day.[2]

As the Republic transformed into the Galactic Empire, under the newly crowned Emperor Palpatine, Kyrimorut welcomed the former clone commander Levet and the commandos of Yayax Squad, after they abandoned their lives in the clone army. In addition to on-the-run clones, at Nyreen Vollen's request, Kyrimorut became a refuge for two Jedi fugitives from the Empire's emerging Jedi purge: Padawan Tallisibeth Enwandung-Esterhazy, and a rare Kaminoan Jedi Master, Kina Ha.[2] Several weeks after the Empire's formation, Kal Skirata's daughter Ruusaan and the former Jedi-turned-Mandalorian Bardan Jusik picked up the Alpha-class Advanced Recon Commando Maze, when he contacted the Skirata clan for assistance after deserting. Maze had also rescued Jedi Master Arligan Zey from death during the events of Order 66, and both were brought to Mandalore and given refuge at Kyrimorut. Due to their close ties to the Skirata clan, the Mandalorians Mij Gilamar, Wad'e Tay'haai, Walon Vau, and Rav Bralor, were all frequent visitors to Kyrimorut.[3]

Kyrimorut continued to remain a haven for clones and the Skirata clan for years to come, and by 40 ABY, the residents had colloquially become known as the Kyrimorut "wild men." Among those known to still reside at Kyrimorut by this time were Venku Skirata and Bardan Jusik, the latter going by the adopted name of Gotab.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

Kyrimorut first appeared in Star Wars canon in Republic Commando: True Colors, the third entry into the Republic Commando series of novels, authored by Karen Traviss and published October 30, 2007. The sequel to True Colors, entitled Order 66, also featured Kyrimorut as a prominent location, as did the following novel, Imperial Commando: 501st. Traviss later referenced Kyrimorut in Legacy of the Force: Revelation, her third entry in the Star Wars: Legacy of the Force novel series.


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