"She is strong in the Force. Kyrisa is her name. She will be a powerful ally and serve the Emperor as I do."
―Namman Cha[src]

Kyrisa was a Nightsister who was banished by her clan following a fierce battle for leadership.


A witch of DathomirEdit

"Kyrisa shows promise with her ability to control the beasts of Dathomir."
Gone Forever

Kyrisa is banished from Dathomir.

A member of the Nightsisters clan of the Dathomiri Witches, Kyrisa developed exceptional skill in controlling the minds of the local beasts, such as the enormous Dathomiri rancors. Her achievements were noted both by the Clan mother Gethzerion, who saw promise in Kyrisa,[4] and by the Dark Jedi Namman Cha, servant to the Emperor Palpatine. While on a mission on Dathomir, Namman had sensed that Kyrisa and her ability were special, and determined that she could become a powerful ally to the Emperor.[5]

Eventually, Kyrisa became so convinced in her own superiority that she chose to directly confront Gethzerion. During the fierce clash for leadership, Kyrisa openly declared her intent to slay the Clan Mother and to take her place as the leader of the Nightsisters.[6] However, her challenge of Gethzerion had failed, and for her attempt Kyrisa was exiled not only from the Nightsisters, but from the planet itself. Viewing her as a danger to their own kind, the Nightsisters sent her offworld in a small starship, which soon crashed on the remote Outer Rim planet Hoth.[7]

A new home on HothEdit

"This planet is mine now! Hoth belongs to Kyrisa and her children."
A New Home

On Hoth, Kyrisa soon began to dominate the local fauna.

Despite Hoth's frozen climate, hostile to most life forms, Kyrisa was able to survive by using local beast to gain the necessary knowledge of the planet. Away from her home planet and her clan, she relied on the wampa she made connection with for emotional and physical warmth.[8] Enraged at her banishment, Kyrisa vowed revenge against Clan Mother Gethzerion and the Nightsisters. Soon, she extended her mind control over entire packs of wampas and other local creatures such as Hoth hogs. Kyrisa found that Hoth could be a planet on which she could fully dominate. Experiencing a rebirth, she came to treat the cold planet as her new home.[9] Eventually the entire wildlife in the area Kyrisa resided in came under her command, she even experimented in the genetic engineering to create unnatural overgrown beasts of gargantuan proportions, such as the over-sized Hoth hog Maraki or the giant wampa named Unkajo.[10]

However, Kyrisa's departure from Dathomir would not go unnoticed by other forces of the galactic scale: Namman Cha still intended to recruit the Nightsister into the service of the Emperor. He learned that her starship had crashed on Hoth and set out on the mission to find her. The Imperial Security Bureau leader Blackhole also was interested in the Nightsister, having several ideas for the use of beast mastery in the espionage, he set a small detachment of ISB agents led by captain Jeffren Brek to aid Cha in his search.[3] Cha's involvement had also became known to his old enemy Rachi Sitra, a Jedi Knight aiding the Rebel Alliance. Sitra learned from the Dathomiri Witches from the Singing Mountain Clan of the danger Kyrisa represented and, determined not to let her be found by the Empire, traveled to Hoth with a mission to find her first.[2]

Kyrisa - SWGTCG

Kyrisa, wielding her lightsaber in battle

Around the same time, the Alliance to Restore the Republic had discovered the distant planet Hoth and established a small outpost there, evaluating the potential of building a larger base.[11] Kyrisa began using her pack of minions to wreak havoc on the Alliance forces, stealing supplies necessary to help her return home to enact her revenge. At the same time the multiple parties looking for the Nightsister in the surface if the planet began encountering resistance from Kyrisa's beasts. A single Rebel looking for shelter in the ice-storm stumbled onto a cavern full of her Hoth hogs and was forced to defend himself, killing all of the beasts, including Kyrisa's beloved Maraki. Sensing his death, Kyrisa rushed to the cave, accompanied by two Wampas, and confronted the about to leave Rebel. She ignored his words that he was forced to defend himself and blamed him of murdering her "children". She ordered her menagerie to attack, but the well-armed Rebel managed to slay most of the beasts. Seeing the battle turned against her, Kyrisa jumped on the back of a hog to make an escape.[2]

Enraged by the loss of one of her pets, Kyrisa soon found another one of her creations, the giant wampa Unkajo slain by a squad of Imperial soldiers. Furious, she directed her pets at the Imperials she saw as murderers. However, the trained soldiers managed to hold the beast off and one even managed to get to Kyrisa and knock her down. She got herself up with the Force to see that many more of her pets have been slain, and the battle was going against her. The remaining creatures formed a line to cover her retreat and the Nightsister had escaped into the blowing snow.[3] However, the Dark Jedi Namman Cha eventually managed to track her down by following her beasts and, after a fierce lightsaber clash, was able to persuade her to join him.[12]

Powers and abilitiesEdit


Kyrisa with one of her wampa minions

"Genetic engineering– that's another of Kyrisa's specialties."
Jeffren Brek[src]

Kyrisa was a skilled Nightsister and had fully mastered the power of Animal friendship. While initially she, just like other Dathomiri Witches, only established a bond with her rancor, eventually she could exert and maintain her influence over multiple creatures simultaneously. The creatures remained constantly over her control, even at significant distance, and obeyed her commands, both spoken and mental. Her ability attracted attention of both Gethzerion and Namman Cha, who saw Kyrisa as a powerful ally, and Augwynne Djo and Rachi Sitra, who saw her as a great danger. While on Hoth, Kyrisa had employed not only the animal friendship, but her skill in the genetic engineering as well, by creating creatures far larger compared to their natural size.

Behind the scenesEdit

Kyrisa was created by the developer team of the Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game as the pivotal story element of The Nightsister's Revenge, the sixth of the game's expansions. She confronts the player in the both light side and the dark side campaign scenarios, while her story is told through various cards within the set. She was later added to the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies in December 2010, as part of the game's "Game Update 19".




Kyrisa'a appearance in Galaxies video game

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