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"Hi, NED-B. This is L0-LA59. Lola, say hello."
―Leia Organa, to NED-B[3]

L0-LA59,[3] nicknamed "Lola," was a feminine[1] toy droid[4] owned by the House of Organa and was in the personal possession of the young Princess Leia of Alderaan during the Imperial Era. She was built with white and red plates on the top half of her, and silver plates on the bottom. She also had a small antenna near her back.

In 9 BBY, she would accompany Organa when she was kidnapped indirectly by the Third Sister to lure out the secluded Obi-Wan Kenobi. She would have to protect Organa together with the old Jedi throughout their escape, and along the way they would find new friends from all over the galaxy to get Organa home from the Galactic Empire, and Darth Vader.


Lola, who was owned by the young Princess Leia Organa during the Imperial Era, would usually accompany her owner when she played in the royal courts of the Palace of Alderaan. One day[1] in 9 BBY,[2] the mercenary Vect Nokru snuck into the yard and he along with his crew were able to kidnap the princess, playing under the order of the Third Sister. In their starship, Lola attempted to cut the ropes Organa was tied with using her buzz saw, but Nokru saw the scheme they had concocted and temporarily destroyed Lola.[1]

On the planet Daiyu, Organa grabbed Lola out of her pocket once she and Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi had a chance to rest in an alleyway. Kenobi demanded that no sound would come from the droid, but Organa assured that none would be made from the broken machine.[6] Once the two reached the destination that would presumably lead them to safety, provided by Haja Estree, they had a skirmish with the Third Sister who was interrupted by the Grand Inquisitor, and he indirectly allowed them to escape through a cargo ship, leading to the planet Mapuzo.[6]

On the transport, Kenobi was able to calm himself down, despite the dire circumstance, and fix Lola. He handed the toy to Organa, who would keep it on her until they reached a Mapuzo mining village, where she presented Lola to the loader droid NED-B, telling her to greet him.[3]

In the Fortress Inquisitorius, on the ocean moon of Nur, Organa attempted to use Lola to help her escape an interrogation by the Third Sister, but the droid was noticed by the Inquisitor, and was Force pulled to her. Unbeknownst to Organa, Lola was given a tracker and subsequently developed red sensors and a rude personality. The Third Sister shared the prior information with Darth Vader, after Organa's escape, and they used Lola to follow the fugitives of The Path to their base on Jabiim.[5]

Once arriving on Jabiim, the reprogrammed Lola flew into the base's power plant and hacked into the electrical systems to seal the hangar roof. Organa participated to fix the systems herself so the trapped innocents could escape, and inside the vents she encountered Lola, who attacked her with the same arc welder used to ruin the systems. Organa was able to suspend her and remove the restraining bolt from her back, and Lola's photoreceptors turned blue again, her malicious programming removed, and she assisted Organa in fixing the hangar doors before their escape.[7]

In the space above Jabiim, the transport the innocents were taking went under attack by Darth Vader's Imperial Star Destroyer, Devastator. As The Path's ship was being fired upon, the people inside began to grow worried of their own survival. Organa brought out Lola to distract the people of the dire circumstance, and specifically focused on the Force-sensitive boy Corran, and his mother. As Organa told Kenobi about the hope the two were spreading, Kenobi said that he could use a friend like Lola, and gave Organa the holster of Tala Durith. This inspired Organa to stow Lola on the dropship Kenobi would later tell he had to take, for the survival of everyone onboard. Darth Vader focused all the Devastator's attention on the ship, which made its way to a barren moon. Once the Jedi Master landed he noticed the symbol Organa left behind for him, and Lola cheered Kenobi on as he dueled his old Padawan. Organa eventually returned to Alderaan, where she would wait for her friend to return. And eventually he did, and gave Lola back to Organa, in which she would store her in Tala's holster. Organa and Lola then said goodbye to their new friend.[8]


Lola frequently manipulated her casing in various ways to emote, including flapping her decorative wing panels, as well as responding to both conversation and direct commands through beeping. She was able to hover and travel fast enough to keep up with a running child. She also had small retractable legs and an off button in the middle of the top of her shell.[1]


Lola was equipped with a small retractable buzz saw,[1] glowrod,[3] and an arc welder[7] that would all be used to help Organa during her venture following The Path and escaping the Empire in 9 BBY.[2] Lola used the arc welder as a weapon against Organa while she was reprogrammed.[7]

Behind the scenes[]

Lola was first pictured in a Volkswagen commercial that showcased the ID. Buzz,[9] a car that was made in collaboration with Lucasfilm Ltd. to promote the Obi-Wan Kenobi television series.[10] She first appeared in the first episode of the series, which was released on May 26, 2022.[11] She was first identified as L0-LA59 in a StarWars.com article announcing Lola products that were revealed at Celebation Anaheim, 2022.[12]



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