The L19 Heavy Freighter was a freighter produced by Surron StarTech. It included A1.50 ion engines.

Moff Aricos Dreleene owned an L19, named the First Edition. He had modified this ship, however, to resemble a more expensive L19a.

About 50 meters in length, the L19 could move at 950 Km/h within atmosphere, and contained two hyperdrives (one for backup and one for primary use), the quality of which was relatively low unless upgraded by the owner. The L19 freighter was flown by a single pilot and had the capacity to house 10 passengers, as well as 150 metric tons of cargo. The ship also boasted the pantry space to hold about 8 weeks. Surron StarTech's L19 heavy freighter was its second attempt to make its mark on the freighter market with a short-range hauler. Being inexpensive, the L19 enjoyed moderately wide use, although never recognized by the galaxy at large anywhere as much as the YT series freighters and the like.


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