"Ugh, why couldn't we be stationed on a cooler planet?"
"It could be worse. As my grandfather always used to say, better hot than Hoth."
―LA-233 and CG-412[src]

LA-233 was a[2] human[1] stormtrooper in the 709th Legion of the First Order military regime. The stormtrooper, along with the legion, was deployed to occupy the planet Batuu[2] in 34 ABY.[3] During the occupation, LA-233 spoke with a fellow trooper, CG-412, complaining about the warm temperature of Batuu and wishing instead to be stationed on a cooler planet. LA-233 wore standard First Order stormtrooper armor with a white pauldron.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

LA-233 appeared in Star Wars: Datapad, an application launched alongside the themed land Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge,[2] which opened to guests at Disneyland Park and Disney's Hollywood Studios Park in 2019.[4]


Notes and references[]

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