"LB-series is just a fifth-class drone—no speech center. He could take verbal commands, but that's it."
Zayne Carrick on T1-LB[src]

The T1-series bulk-loading droid, later known as the LB-series, was a type of bulk-loading droid used during the time of the Mandalorian Wars though it was originally produced long before the Sith War. The initials "LB" stand for "loader, bulk".

T1-LB, an LB-series bulk-loading droid.

They were manufactured by Kellenech Technologies as part of its "T1"-series of droids; However, the company collapsed in the following years, and when its assets were liquidated, the T1-series trademark was purchased by Duwani Mechanical Products. The new owners of the trademark manufactured an unrelated series of droids using the designation. As a result, the old T1-series became commonly known as the "LB"-series so as to differentiate it from the newer production model.

The LB-series were classified as fifth-degree droids. They had no capacity for speech, but they could understand it. One prominent feature of the model was that they navigated through their surroundings by recording everything they saw into holographic memory.

T1-LB was an example LB-series droid. T1-N1, on the other had, was one of the later models produced by Duwani Mechanical Products.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The comic at first refers to this as the T1-series but later as the LB-series.

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LB-series sensors.

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