The Merr-Sonn LD-1 target blaster rifle (also called a targeting blaster rifle)[2] was technically a sporting blaster rifle, but in actuality it was nearly as powerful as a military-grade blaster rifle like the E-11. This was intentional - the goal of the project was to create a weapon that approaches the damage of a blaster rifle without the pesky legal restrictions that come with such weapons.

The LD-1, with its long barrel, was quite useful as a sniper rifle, and could be disassembled into a carrying case like most such weapons. Additionally, the weapon featured an integrated macroscope and autosteady gyro-gimbals that drastically helped with balance and sighting.

There were rumors of an offshoot of the weapon, the LD-1a, that was produced in limited numbers for the Imperial Security Bureau, which took a few cues from the SoroSuub X-45 sniper rifle, namely its overfocused beam.



Boba Fett killing an ex-employer with his LD-1.


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