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LE-2003, nicknamed "Elli," was a human female stormtrooper and personal guard of General Brendol Hux during the rise of the First Order. She was killed on the planet Parnassos.


LE-2003 was a human female found and taken into the First Order at a young age, programmed by General Brendol Hux's stormtrooper training program to be an excellent and loyal warrior. She served directly as one of his guards, traveling with the general on his various travels to different fringe worlds such as Otomok in search of new recruits for the First Order. One such trip took them to Parnassos; a wasteland world where civilization had collapsed over a hundred years prior, and whose long dormant orbital defense systems reactivated at the First Order's approach- shooting down Hux's ship. LE-2003, alongside her fellow stormtroopers, PT-2445 and HF-0518, was able to secure Hux and his personal droid in an escape pod.[2]

Their escape pod landed in territory controlled by the Claw clan, ruled by a Dug named Balder. The Claws freed Hux and the troopers from the crashed pod, and in turn, were offered membership in the First Order, with stormtrooper training similar to LE-2003's. Their meeting was interrupted, however, by the arrival of Phasma and her warriors from the Scyre, who declared that they were Parnassos' greatest warriors, and thus most fitting to lead Hux to his ship and join his clan. Phasma killed Balder, while LE-2003 and her stormtrooper allies shielded Hux from harm as they escaped Claw territory- displaying a tenacity that impressed the Scyre warriors.[2]

During the long trek across the cliffs and deserts of Parnassos surface, the First Order forces and Scyre warriors faced many challenges, including beetles, skinwolves and other clans of survivors. During one of these battles, Hux was injured by a skinwolf, and the disease spread swiftly- forcing the group to seek medical attention from the remains of Terpsichore Station, a mining facility once operated by Con Star Mining Corporation before Parnassos fell into disarray over a hundred years prior; now cared for by over forty still active but increasingly eccentric droids. The droids were happy to heal Hux's wounds, but required payment- forcing the warriors to become Con Star Mining staff, and putting them to work on a sixty day plan to pay off their debts.[2]

While LE-2003 and the other stormtroopers initially balked at the idea of performing menial mining labor for a company that no longer existed, they ultimately relented to keeping up an illusion of servitude until Hux was healed and they could plan an escape. Deprived of their face-concealing armor and isolated from the authority of their general, the stormtroopers slowly bonded with the Scyre warriors- finally giving each other nicknames to appease the native warriors who found their First Order numerical designations difficult to remember. LE-2003 took the name "Elli" and declared that HF-0518 would be "Huff" despite his protests. When Hux recovered after a few days of treatment, Elli and the others orchestrated an escape, shutting down the entire colony of droids and taking a group of speeder bikes and a ground assault vehicle to quickly travel across the sands. Initially, the troopers used the bikes so they could scout ahead of the GAV, but at Gosta's request, Hux allowed the Scyre girl to accompany LE-2003 in learning to operate the vehicle.[2]

During their time together, Gosta had taken a shine to Elli, and the stormtrooper was happy to show her the intricacies of the bike's controls and workings. Their time together was short lived, as their bike was the first to run into a massive trench trap, set by the people of Arratu to capture anyone who approached their city. While Elli and Gosta survived the crash, Elli was badly injured and unresponsive, forcing PT-2445 to drag her out of the trench and carry her back to the others. When the group was captured and brought to the prisons of Arratu, her stormtrooper companions continued to haul her comatose body around, until Phasma and Hux examined her and concluded that she had broken her neck in the fall. While Hux was sure she'd survive, and it was noted that if they escaped the planet, First Order medical technology would repair the damage fully, until they got to space, she would have no hope of recovering the use of her limbs. Phasma dismissed her as dead weight, and Hux offered no disagreement. When the group was called to meet Arratu himself, Phasma removed Elli's armor and claimed it as her own. As her companions left her alone in the prison cell, she was killed and eaten by the starving prisoners.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

LE-2003 was first introduced in the 2017 novel Phasma, written by Delilah S. Dawson.[2]


Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Phasma takes place a few weeks before the beginning of Galaxy's Edge: Black Spire which begins during the events of Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens, which is dated to 34 ABY by Star Wars: Galactic Atlas. As LE-2003 is killed in a chapter set ten years before the main story of Phasma, it can be deduced that she was killed around 24 ABY.
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