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"LEGO Star Wars: Microfighters Episode 2: Tank Attack Antics is a short LEGO original video that features the line of Microfighters. It was uploaded on February 19, 2014.[1]

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An army of clone troopers riding on miniature HAVw A6 Juggernauts is on Kashyyyk. They drive their Juggernauts through an arch while being watched by several Wookiee onlookers including Chewbacca. During the parade, a traffic jam ensues when one of the Juggernauts bumps into another. An argument breaks out but is interrupted when one of the Juggernauts is destroyed by a B1 battle droid scout piloting an Armored Assault Tank. Outraged, the Clone troopers pursue the battle droid scout tank through the jungle. They eventually reach a large open plain where they discover a large army of Separatist tanks. The clones and droids clash and both armies are destroyed. One of the Clone troopers and his Juggernaut survive the carnage and pursues the surviving scout battle droid, who flees in his tank. Chewbacca watches and roars in the background.


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