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LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales is a LEGO animated special that debuted on Disney+ on October 1, 2021. It was produced by Atomic Cartoons for the LEGO Group and Lucasfilm Ltd.[1]

Official description[]

After crashlanding on Mustafar, Poe Dameron and BB-8 visit Castle Vader, the galaxy's "first all-inclusive, Sith-inspired, luxury resort." Darth Vader's servant Vaneé regales his guests with "three Sith-inspired stories: "The Lost Boy" the story of how a young Ben Solo first meets Ren and his Knights of Ren; "The Dueling Monstrosities," which imagines how Darth Maul and General Grievous were reborn; and "The Wookiee's Paw," which gives a look at what might have been if all of Luke Skywalker's greatest wishes were immediately granted."[7]

Plot summary[]

Vader's domain[]

The episode opens with a low angle shot of Castle Vader. Darth Vader talks about how he rose from its fiery depths just as his new castle rose, which he describes as the ultimate testimony of the awesome power of the dark side of the Force. Lord Vader asks Emperor Palpatine what he thinks. The Emperor is dismissive of the sterility of Castle Vader and suggests more furniture.

Before the Emperor can attend to conquering the galaxy, he is surprised by Vaneé, who describes himself as a humble servant to Darth Vader, Lord of the Sith. He tells Lord Vader he has prepared his bath inside a bacta tank and even gives him a rubber duck. Vader wants to bathe but the Emperor reminds him that they have work to do conquering the galaxy. The Emperor assigns Vaneé (while calling him sarcastically "Darth Hideous") with looking after Castle Vader in their absence. Vaneé replies that it will be his honor before cackling in laughter.


Several years later, Poe Dameron and BB-8's T-70 X-wing starfighter is being pursued by five First Order TIE/fo space superiority fighters. Over the comlink, Poe tells the TIE pilots that the First Order-Resistance War is over and they should go home. When the fighters ignore his warning, Poe charges at the TIE's headfirst and takes them out in one swoop. Poe tells BB-8 to prepare the ship for their flight home but it experiences engine trouble.

Poe is forced to make an emergency landing on the lava world of Mustafar. He lands the X-wing in a forest of irontrees. BB-8 puts out a fire on his flightsuit. Poe attempts to use the comlink but finds that it is fried. After changing clothes, Poe and BB-8 decide to search for help. While walking through the forest, Poe argues with BB-8 and says that he was not showing off. Poe decides to go to Castle Vader to seek help. BB-8 is reluctant but Poe tells him that he can wait in the unfamiliar forest. BB-8 decides to follow his master.

Guests of Graballa[]

Arriving at Castle Vader, he finds Graballa and his henchmen Baash and Raam refurbishing Castle Vader as a Sith–inspired luxury theme resort. He intends to appeal to fun-loving families from across the galaxy, who want to indulge in their inner dark side. Poe thinks that it is a bad idea for Graballa to build a hotel in Darth Vader's former castle. Graballa introduces himself as a legendary entrepreneur and real estate tycoon and a cousin of the late Jabba.

Poe introduces himself. Graballa recognises Poe as the starfighter pilot who destroyed Starkiller Base and led the Resistance during the Battle of Exegol. Poe is modest about his achievements. Graballa decides to treat General Poe as a guest of honor and gives him a tour of Castle Vader. Baash and Raam carry BB-8. Graballa tells Poe about his plans to make Castle Vader a luxury hotel with various amenities including a lava fountain and a Vader-themed lobby. Poe tries to mention his X-wing but Graballa is too preoccupied with showing his guest around.

Inside the castle's tower, the protocol droid NI-L8 informs the hooded Vaneé about Poe's arrival, asking if they could be the one to fulfill the Prophecy of Mustafar. Vaneé says that a fearless pilot enters with the strength to unlock the treasures of his master's castle and thinks Poe could be the prophesied one. Meanwhile, Graballa shows Poe and BB-8 enter a hallway lined with various types of stormtrooper armor including regular stormtrooper, shore trooper, scout trooper, snowtrooper, death trooper, and his own "skelo-trooper."

Poe also encounters an automated puppet of Darth Vader offering to show guests the dark side. Graballa grumbles that the puppet is faulty. A young human mechanic named Dean offers to fix the puppet. Graballa says he doubts that but allows Dean to have a go. Graballa asks Poe if he is interested in being Castle Vader's spokesman. Dean manages to repair the Vader puppet, who introduces guests to the Empire Emporium, which is being staffed by Baash and Raam.

Poe compliments Dean, who recognizes him as Poe Dameron. Poe asks the boy his name. Dean introduces himself and is excited to meet the starfighter pilot. Poe is modest about his achievements and enlists Dean's help in repairing his X-wing. The boy says he wants to be a pilot one day. However, Graballa interjects and offers Poe a proposition: record a holovid for Castle Vader in return for getting Dean to fix his X-wing. Poe insists on recording the holovid after his X-wing has been repaired and tells Graballa that he is not the first Hutt that he has dealt with.

Poe attempts to leave with Dean but is blocked by Vaneé, who puts up a friendly face. Graballa warns Vaneé not to sneak up on people. He apologizes for Vaneé, describing him as a creepy caretaker who came with Castle Vader. Vaneé begins sniffing Poe, prompting Graballa to issue another warning. Vaneé tells them that he has something to show Poe. Poe says that he is in a rush but Vaneé gets NI-L8 to show him the helmet of Ren, prompting Poe's interest.

Vaneé explains that this helmet belonged to the one who helped create Kylo Ren. Vaneé asks if he would like to hear its tale. Graballa reminds Vaneé that Poe says he is in a rush. Poe stares into the dark side helmet and asks Vaneé to tell him. Vaneé says that his is the story of a powerful warrior who longed for more.

The Lost Boy[]

In the past, Ben Solo is training under the tutelage of his uncle Luke Skywalker at his Jedi Temple. Ben grumbles about having to practise with the other Padawans in lifting rocks, claiming that he is so much stronger than all of them. Skywalker's other students include a Rodian, a dark-skinned human girl, a young man with black hair, and another young man with brown hair. R2-D2 is also present.

Luke advises patience, saying that there are no shortcuts to becoming a Jedi. When Ben asks how this rock stacking is going to make him a great Jedi, Skywalker says that he senses his nephew's frustration. He asks if he used the Force to sense them before causing the stones to form a circle and dropping them on the ground. R2-D2 is concerned by Ben's sullenness but Luke says that he will be fine and that Ben has more to learn.

The dark haired Padawan Cozler attempts to demonstrate that he has learnt how to levitate rocks but loses control of the object and is knocked out. Skywalker grumbles. While walking through a nearby town, Ben grumbles about the delays in his Jedi training. He bumps into a Jawa and ponders how long Skywalker trained on Dagobah. Shortly later, the Knights of Ren's starship Night Buzzard lands at a nearby hangar, prompting several of the townsfolk to take shelter. A silver protocol droid warns that the Knights of Ren are coming and to be afraid.

Led by Ren, the Knights of Ren ride through the town on speeder bikes. Ren extols them to feed on their fear and to plunder the town. Ren greets Ben before leading his gang through the town. Later that night, Ben has trouble sleeping and experiences a dream in which Ren invites him to join them. Skywalker tries to warn Ben not to follow Ren but the dark sider tells his uncle to stay out of it. Ren tells a frightened Ben that power is for taking.

Ben's father Han Solo interrupts the dream and asks his son if he is coming home for dinner. Leia Organa appears with Chewbacca, who has made his favorite dish: roast tip-yip in Bantha sauce. Ren invites Ben to join him. Luke soon reappears with his other Padawans, urging Ben to stay on the Jedi path. Ben's fellow Padawans dance around him but their faces are replaced with the helmets of the Knights of Ren. Ben falls down a chasm into the mouth of Ren.

Ben awakens form his dream to find Ren and his Knights waiting outside his hut, calling for him. Ben confronts Ren, asking whether they are Sith. Ren replies that the Knights of Ren live by their own code: using their power to take what they want. Ren says that Ben has power but has chosen to follow the "fossil" Skywalker when he could have so much more. Ren invites him to join the Knights of Ren and asks if he is afraid. The other Knights of Ren laugh.

Ben decides to take up their challenge. Ren hands him a dark costume and helmet. Ren lets Ben ride in his speeder bike. The Knights of Ren terrorize the nearby town. They play with the head of a protocol droid, who grumbles this isn't funny. Ben and the Knights then jump from a high bridge. Later, they are entertained by a Bith musician. Following a wild night, Ben returns to Luke's Jedi Temple. He says that was so fun and that he is in.

However, Ren tells him that what they did was just the initiation. He shows Ben his uncle's lightsaber. Ben asks how he got hold of Luke's lightsaber. Ren replies that the Knights take what they want and tells Ben to take what he wants. He explains that to become a Knight of Ren takes destruction. Ren instructs Ben to destroy what his uncle has built and promises that he will be free.

When Ben expresses doubt, Trudgen tells Ren not to waste his time on Ben, describing him as a total "Kylo." He mocks Ben as small, weak and scared. The other Knights began making fun of Ben, who replies that he is not scared. Ren urges him to take what he wants. Ben replies that he wants them to leave him alone and ignites Luke's lightsaber. Ren says this is the wrong choice and orders his Knights to destroy Skywalker's Jedi Temple. Ben uses the Force to hurl Ren away.

He then fights the other Knights. Trudgen tries to hurl a torch at the Temple but Ben deflects it with the Force. The other Knights of Ren shoot at him but he fights back with his uncle's lightsaber. Ren fights with Ben and knocks off his mask. Ren uses the Force to levitate Ben and throws him down, causing Luke's lightsaber to switch off. Ren says that the power was his for the taking and chides Ben for being too scared. Ben says he is starting to like being called Kylo and uses the Force to summon several rocks, crushing Ren to death.

Seeing their leader fallen, the other Knights submit to Ben, who tosses away Ren's helmet. At that moment, Luke Skywalker comes out and confronts his nephew. Ben tells his uncle to call him Kylo Ren as the Knights of Ren converge around him.

Into the Sith chamber[]

Vaneé ends the story but say that night was Kylo Ren's first step to power. He laughs maniacally as bats fly. Poe asks if the point of that story was to scare him. Graballa, Baash and Raam are visibly scared. Vaneé responds that the story was to remind him that there is much to be taken by those unafraid to use it. He hands the helmet back to NI-L8.

Vaneé leads his guests to a large door, claiming that Sith artifacts lie behind it. He says that the Prophecy of Mustafar foretells the arrival of a fearless stranger with the strength to open it. The gate is marked with the symbol of the Old Empire. Vaneé suggests that a brave pilot who has fought many battles is worth of opening the gate. When Dean reminds Poe about the X-wing, Poe says that if Vaneé is telling the truth, he is not willing to let a Hutt get his hands on Sith artifacts.

Poe enlists Dean's help in unlocking the gate. Vaneé leads them into the chamber. Baash and Raam are spooked by a shadow which turns out to be a mouse droid. Graballa tells the Iktotchi that they could add a business center and gym to these vast chambers. Meanwhile, Poe chats with Dean about the latter's ambitions to be a pilot. When Poe asks how Dean ended up working for Graballa, Dean explains that he is saving for his family. His mother had a shop on Arkanis. However, the First Order accused her of helping the Resistance and destroyed it. People got scared and wouldn't hire her anymore, leaving him as the breadwinner. Dean fears that if he loses this job, his family will have nothing.

Poe comforts Dean, telling the boy that he had a tough childhood. He adds that it is a big galaxy and that you can't let fear get to you. They are surprised by Graballa, who is obsessed with turning the chamber into luxury suites. Vaneé leads his guests into the lightsaber repository, telling them that they are looking for something very special. He finds the Saber of Scardont, which he describes as a Sith lightsaber of unusual power. To Vaneé's horror, Graballa toys with it and breaks the hilt.

Graballa orders Dean to fix it but Poe warns him that it is a Sith lightsaber. Dean responds that he can't lose this job. BB-8 beeps in Binary. While Dean works on the damaged Saber, Vaneé asks if they are interested in hearing the Tale of the Saber of Scardont. Poe is not surprised about what Vaneé has to offer. Vaneé claims that it is a tale of two monstrosities, leading to the cackling of lightning inside the chamber. This startles Graballa, Baash, Raam, and Poe alike.

The Dueling Monstrosities[]

Vaneé explains that Maul was left for dead by the Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi but nonetheless survived and made his way back to the Nightsisters. Mother Talzin and her Nightsisters use Magick to summon Maul, who has been fitted with a cybernetic leg and waist. Since Maul has trouble standing in his new legs, they experiment with various objects including a repulsorlift, wheel, and spider legs. Poe is skeptical of the story but Baash and Raam are intrigued.

Vaneé adds that Maul was not the only one who returned after being left for dead. Vaneé explains that a loyal student of Count Dooku once known as Qymaen jai Sheelal was reborn as a cyborg known as General Grievous. When Grievous awakes, he chastises the medical droid and chokes and hurls him aside. An IG-100 MagnaGuard informs Grievous that they are receiving a transmission from Darth Sidious. The Sith Lord informs Grievous that there is an ancient Sith lightsaber located on the sixth moon in the Scardont system. He tasks Grievous with finding it and bringing it to him.

Palpatine warns that the Saber of Scardont's power is so great that anyone who attempts to wield it will be driven mad. Grievous vows not to fail but coughs and drops one of his limbs. On Coruscant, Sidious grumbles to one of his red guards about the competence of General "Wheezius." Sidious also mentions that he had a Sith apprentice named Maul before he fell apart. Maul surfaces in Palpatine's office in his spider legs form.

Darth Sidious is surprised that his former apprentice survived and has multiple legs. Maul vows to retrieve the Saber of Scardont so that he can stand by Palpatine's side. Vaneé recalls that the journey was difficult but that Grievous would not yield. Grievous fought his way through a pack of wild rancors, cutting through them with his lightsabers. Grievous reaches the altar and the Saber but is confronted by Maul, whom he dismisses as a rival.

Grievous wields the Saber of Scardont while Maul ignites his double-bladed lightsaber. Grievous mocks Maul but Maul counters that he can wield the Force. Grievous knocks Maul's lightsaber out of his hands but Maul grabs the Saber of Scardont's hilt and vows that he is taking it to Sidious. Grievous responds that it is his and tickles Maul. Maul uses the Force to grab his double-bladed lightsaber but Grievous pushes him back. Grievous vows that he will destroy Maul and slices off his torso, separating him from his spider form.

Grievous says that he has destroyed Jedi and that a half-Sith is no match for him. Maul however summons the Force and uses Grievous' own lightsabers to cut the cyborg's arms off. Maul then proceeds to tear off Grievous' legs before mocking the cyborg. He then throws the limbless Grievous off the cliff, causing him to land on his head next to his Belbullab-22 starfighter Soulless One. A droid asks Grievous if he should prepare the oil bath.

Later, Maul returns to Coruscant with the Saber of Scardont. Darth Sidious asks him to give it to him. Maul ignites the Blade but the weapon is damaged. Darth Sidious then uses the Force to throw Maul off the balcony. He then grabs the Saber and grumbles about the competence of his apprentices to a Red Guard. Defeated but not destroyed, Vaneé says that Maul gained a valuable insight into his feeling.

Temptations of the dark side[]

Dean then fixes the Saber of Scardont but is mesmerized by the dark side relic. Poe asks if Dean is okay and tells him to stop staring into the saber. Vaneé explains that Maul learnt that power comes not from serving others but from serving yourself. Dean appears to get the message and Vaneé tells him to follow where the saber leads him. Dean uses the Saber of Scardont to unlock a second chamber. Vaneé suggests to NI-L8 that he placed his hopes on the wrong pilot, to which the droid agrees.

The possessed Dean leads the others to the first Temple of Mustafar. Poe says he has a bad feeling about this but BB-8 rolls in. Vaneé explains that the Temple of Mustafar was built generations ago as as a repository of ancient lore. The temple is littered with treasure. Graballa tells Baash and Raam to pack it up. Graballa grabs the Saber of Scardont, claiming it as the property of "Graballa the Hutt Enterprises, LLC." Poe tells Graballa that they need to talk but the Hutt thinks that he doesn't need a spokesman anymore with all the Sith treasure they have found.

Poe tries to warn about the danger of the Sith treasure but Graballa is only concerned about making money. Dean hears Maul's voice calling out to him from a Sith holocron inside a pillar, telling him to seize the power to free his mother. Vaneé is pleased that Dean has found the holocron. He tells Dean that this holocron has the power to make any dream come true. Graballa is dismissive about the holocron having the power to grant wishes. Dean says that a Wookiee's paw can do that.

Vaneé surmises that the child is aware of the Wookiee's Paw. Dean explains that the pilots who came to his mother's shop would tell stories. Poe says that he heard those stories but thinks they are are made up. Addressing Dean, Vaneé tells them the tale of a boy searching for a better life, much like him.

The Wookie's Paw[]

At the Lars homestead on Tatooine, Luke Skywalker is having blue milk for breakfast with Aunt Beru Whitesun Lars when his uncle Owen Lars grumbles that the droid on the southern perimeter has broken down again. He sends Luke to Mos Espa to get a new one. Luke grumbles that he was planning to go to Tosche Station to drop off his application for the Imperial Academy. Owen tells his nephew to get his head out of the stars because they are short on hands for the harvest. He sends Luke on his way.

A resentful Luke travels to Mos Espa. He longs to be a pilot one day and get off the "dustball" planet. Hearing Luke, Watto tells the young man that he has something that can get him off this planet and offers him a Wookiee's paw in a box. He tells him that if he makes a wish, his dream instantly comes true. Luke wishes he could get off Tatooine. The young man is soon greeted by an Imperial TIE pilot, who invites him to join the Imperial Academy. The Imperials bring him to an orbiting Arquitens-class command cruiser.

Skywalker finds himself a stormtrooper but is still not satisfied. After bumping his head on a blast door, he grabs the Wookie's paw and wishes he was a pilot. Soon, the TIE pilot who recruited him asks another Imperial officer what he should do with a spare pilot's gear. The officer tells him to give it to Luke, adding that he is too short to be a stormtrooper. Vaneé says that Skywalker got everything he wanted but he still wanted more.

Grumbling that he is on patrol duty, Skywalker wishes to the Wookie's paw that he had the chance to show everyone how great he could be. Just then, he receives a distress message from Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin that Lord Vader's squadron has been ambushed by the Rebel Alliance and requests reinforcements. Luke seizes the opportunity and intervenes. By that stage, the rebel T-65 X-wing starfighters have shot down two of Vader's escort TIE fighters. Luke flies into the path of an X-wing, shooting it down and saving Lord Vader.

Later aboard the Death Star, Skywalker is treated as a hero by his fellow pilots, who carry him. Darth Vader takes an interest in Skywalker and asks about the maneuver. Skywalker says that it is the "180 Reverse Proton Move." Vader is impressed and asks what is his name. Upon learning that he is called Luke Skywalker, Vader says that he knew a Skywalker once. Vader senses that Luke is Force-sensitive and says that he reminds him of a younger version of himself. Vader agrees to train him.

Luke wishes that he could be more powerful that Vader and clutches the Wookiee's paw a fourth time. Later, Skywalker practises his red lightsaber with a training remote. Vader warns that his eyes can deceive him. Even when his eyes are covered, Luke can still deflect the training remote's blasts. Vader also teaches him how to Force choke, demonstrating it on several Imperial officers. Another exercise involves Luke carrying Vader and swinging across a bridge with a grappling cable.

Later, Vader tells Skywalker he has mastered the dark side of the Force. By this stage, Luke has aged physically due to his dabbling in the dark side. However, Skywalker is still not satisfied and wishes that he could fight the Rebellion and become the most famous fighter in the galaxy. Tarkin then tells Vader and Skywalker that the Death Star is under attack and orders Vader to scramble his men.

Meanwhile, Princess Leia Organa leads the rebel assault during the Battle of Yavin, flying an X-wing with Red Squadron. Also flying with Red Squadron is Obi-Wan Kenobi, whom Leia thanks for rescuing her earlier. Kenobi in return thanks her for rescuing him from a trash compactor aboard the Death Star. R2-D2 beeps. Leia and Kenobi fly their X-wings through the Death Star trench but are pursued by Vader and Luke. Luke says that the trench reminds him of Beggar's Canyon back home on Tatooine.

Luke damages Kenobi's starfighter, forcing him to pull out. Vader wants to close in on Leia's X-wing but Luke wants the glory and uses the 180 Reverse Proton maneuver on Leia. Leia however shoots his TIE fighter, causing him to spin out of control. Luke accidentally fires two blaster bolts into the Death Star's thermal exhaust port, destroying the superweapon. Darth Vader angrily tells Luke that he is going to be the most famous pilot in the galaxy for destroying the Death Star. Their starfighters collide in space.

Vaneé's gambit[]

In the present, Dean asks if that is really what happened. Poe says this is not true, prompting Graballa to asks if he means that Luke did not blow up the Death Star. Poe says that Luke destroyed the Death Star but not in the way that Vaneé told the story. Vaneé says that just as the Wookiee's paw gave Skywalker all that he wanted, he claims that the holocron will give him what he desires. Poe warns Dean that story is a warning about being careful for what he wishes for.

Vaneé tells Dean that he understands that the boy wants his family to be safe. He tells the boy to open it and he won't have to worry about them again. Poe tries to plead with Dean but he is accosted by NI-L8. Vaneé tells Dean to open the holocron with his heart. The boy unlocks the holocron but nothing happens. When Dean confronts Vaneé, the Sith servant reveals that it makes his dreams come true before snatching it out of the boy's hand. Vaneé reveals that his plan was to manipulate Dean into unlocking the holocron and tells the boy that he is strong with the Force.

Vaneé uses the holocron to summon the various objects in the Sith chamber including Ren's mask and the Saber of Scardont to form a giant armored suit. Poe, Dean and BB-8 realize that the three stories that Vaneé told were for himself. Vaneé vows to make the galaxy fear him. When Poe asks him and what army, NI-L8 arms herself. Poe is dimissive of the droid but NI-N8 activates an army of B1-series battle droids. Vaneé orders NI-L8 and her droids to annihilate his enemies.

Graballa tells Baash and Raam they need to flee. Poe decides to fight back and tells Dean that they have to remove Vaneé's holocron from his armor. Poe shoots the holocron off Vaneé's armor and flees with Dean and BB-8. Vaneé order NI-L8 to recover the holocron since his power is dependent on it. He orders his droid army to get them. Poe, Dean and BB-8 venture deeper into the castle but are pursued by more battle droids. Graballa is pursued into the toilet by an axe-wielding battle droid named B-14961138 who chops his way through the door. However, Baash and Raam knock out the battle droid, decapitating it.

Poe, Dean and BB-8 bump into Baash and Raam and flee the other way, pursued by a horde of battle droids. Graballa and his henchmen are also pursued by the droid. Poe and company fleet into the hallway with Vaneé hot on their heels. BB-8 is splattered with green paint. Poe says he has an idea. A rampaging Vaneé beheads the Darth Vader puppet, which says that he "finds his lack of souvenirs disturbing."

Confronting fear and darkness[]

Poe leads Dean and BB-8 through the irontree forest. Poe is determined to escape offworld with the Sith holocron. Dean blames himself for fixing the lightsaber and opening the holocron because he was scared. Poe reassures him that everyone gets scared. Dean says that Poe doesn't but the fighter pilot disagrees, admitting he is scared. He tells Dean that they can't control fear but they can choose what to do with it. He says that without fear, they can't have courage. BB-8 warns that the battle droids are approaching their X-wing.

BB-8 loses his grapping cable to swing himself around the rampaging battle droids, knocking several out. Poe and Dean climb into the starfighter only to discover the X-wing hasn't been repaired. While Poe grumbles, Dean volunteers to repair the starship. Poe decides to buy Dean time to fix the starfighter. He returns to Castle Vader where Vaneé is growing enraged by the loss of the holocron. Poe attacks Vaneé's battle droids with a parked AT-ST walker. Graballa, Baash and Raam cower while Poe's AT-ST engages with NI-L8's AT-AT walker, pushing it to the edge of the walkway.

Vaneé attacks Poe's walker from behind, slicing off one of its joints. Both walkers fall over the edge into the lava below, where they are destroyed. Poe survives and climbs to the top only to be confronted by battle droids. Dean arrives in Poe's X-wing and strafes the battle droids. He lands the starfighter nearby. Vowing to rule the galaxy, Vaneé grabs Poe with his metallic body. He threatens to throw Poe into the lava below unless Dean gives him the holocron. Poe tells Dean to fly away since Vaneé is getting weaker in his armored body.

Vaneé threatens to throw Poe over the edge. Dean considers the ultimatum but recalls the moral of the story of the Wookiee's paw, which is be careful for what you wish for. He throws the holocron over the edge of the walkway into the lava below. Vaneé jumps after the holocron and is consumed by the lava. BB-8 uses a grappling hook to pull Poe to safety but bumps his head several times. Poe praises Dean for his gutsy move. Dean replies that without fear, you cannot have courage and hugs him. Dean quips that Poe is afraid of a little mushiness.

Homeward bound[]

Graballa is enraged with Poe about the damage to his Castle Vader luxury hotel. Poe tells him that he is not fixing anything but leaving. He also warns Graballa not to think about taking those Sith artifacts. Graballa tells Poe he is not scared of him but Poe gives him an icy stare. Graballa reluctantly complies and tells Baash and Raam to pack up. Graballa orders Dean to come along but the boy refuses. Poe says that greed gets him nowhere. Graballa says he has learnt his lesson an decides to start a "bed and breakfast."

Dean says that his wish came true but confirms he did not wish on the Sith holocron. Since the Resistance needs pilots, Poe offers him a place as a pilot. Poe also tells Dean about his friend Rey Skywalker, who knows about the Force. Poe admits that he wasn't scared but was trying to motivate the boy earlier. After Poe and Dean leave, NI-L8 emerges from the lava. She pleads for forgiveness from her master Vaneé for failing him. However, Vaneé laughs maniacally and grabs her hand.


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