LEP-171B was an LEP servant droid that assisted Tan Divo during the investigation of Onaconda Farr's death.


After the death of Onaconda Farr, LEP-171B accompanied Tan Divo in the Supreme Chancellor's office as he revealed to the dead Rodian's political allies, Padmé Amidala, Mon Mothma, Bail Organa, and Lolo Purs, that Senator Farr had in fact been poisoned.

Tan Divo with droid

The LEP droid assisted Tan Divo's investigations

Later, Divo and the droid came to the docks after an apparent assassination attempt on the life of Amidala and Organa when they attempted to use their resources to look into Farr's murder. The Inspector expressed his annoyance at Amidala's actions, as he believed that she had made his job much more difficult by alerting the killer to the investigation. Senator Amidala came to believe that her rival Senator Mee Deechi was responsible on the attempt on her life and ran back to the Senate with Divo and his droid in tow.

Upon arriving, the senators, Divo, and the droid found Deechi murdered. In order to secure the life of the other senators, Divo told them to stay within the Senate under heavy security, although Lolo Purs decided to depart. During the chain of events, Inspector Divo tried to locate Senator Halle Burtoni, but she was nowhere to be found. Later, Purs returned and claimed that Burtoni had attacked her, which later led to the police droid's arrest of Burtoni. Initial questioning led Burtoni to deny any involvement in both Farr's murder and the attack on Purs. However, Lieutenant Divo's investigation revealed that a Kaminoan-made poison had been used to kill Senator Farr. Although Divo prepared to take Burtoni into custody, Purs was revealed to be the culprit, and the Rodian was instead arrested.



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