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"This is the last of the bombs, Doctor."
―LEP-86C8, to Dr. Nuvo Vindi[2]

LEP-86C8 was an LEP servant droid that served Doctor Nuvo Vindi during the Clone Wars. It had a high voice and spoke in Basic.



LEP-86C8 hiding in the greenhouse.

LEP-86C8 worked for Nuvo Vindi during the Blue Shadow Virus incident. The droid was charged with returning a virus bomb to the bomb storage area. On its way there it witnessed a battle between clone troopers and battle droids. Fearing the clones would destroy the bomb, the droid took another route. Soon it reached the greenhouse where Padmé Amidala found it. When the senator asked for the bomb, the droid suddenly jumped out at her and fled. Luckily, Jar Jar Binks managed to take the bomb away, but unfortunately the droid managed to keep the virus. When the Republic realized their mistake, they initiated a search for the missing droid. The assistant droid saw this as his one chance to release the virus. Eventually, the droid made it to the bomb area, but was intercepted by clones. However, the clones were unable to stop the droid, causing it to detonate the bomb and spread the Blue Shadow Virus. The resulting explosion destroyed LEP-86C8.

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