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"Advantage #7: Blast Proof. The LIN Demolitionmech is One Tough Droid"
―Excerpt from the Demolitionmech's advertising campaign[src]

The LIN demolitionmech autonomous minelayer, commonly known as the LIN Demolitionmech, was a droid marketed by Cybot Galactica as a mine-laying and demolitions specialist.


An LIN droid on Tatooine.

The LIN droid was equipped with a visual sensor and an acoustic signaler that could communicate in the warbling of Droidspeak only. It could be used as a military droid, helping to deploy pressure bombs and anti-repulsor grenades.

The droid was able to move its manipulator arm 360 degrees, so it could both lay mines where it had just been and keep them away from its own heading.


During the Clone Wars, LIN droids were used by the Galactic Republic to clear mines.

During the Galactic Civil War, the Galactic Empire also utilized these droids, and many were found in civilian employ.

Cybot Galactica stopped the production of the droid after a charge being held by one of the droids detonated in a mine on Gosfambling. 10 miners died of suffocation in the cave-in. While it was found that the fault lay in the charge, the bad publicity was enough for them to quietly retire the line, though they were made in numerous enough numbers to appear across the galaxy, especially in the Outer Rim.


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