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"These units had weird bug-like heads designed to look like the insectoid alien species they served. They also had a pretty nasty flaw in their programming that allowed their personality software to become corrupted."

The LOM-series protocol droid,[1] also known as a LOM-series droid[6] was a model of protocol droid manufactured by Industrial Automaton. They were designed with insectile features to emulate the species they were created to serve,[1] the sentient Gand.[7][3] Due to Cybot Galactica's hold over the protocol droid market with their 3PO-series, the LOM-series was a spectacular failure when Automaton attempted to introduce it, with even Arakyd Industries' RA-7 protocol droid selling more.[8]

The LOM-series had a flaw that allowed the personality software of a droid to be corrupted. Many LOM-series droids became enforcers in the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories.[3] 4-LOM was a LOM-series protocol droid who overrode his programming and became a bounty hunter,[1] though ISB agent Andressa Divo came to suspect the Droid Gotra was behind the programming change in order to give their droid rights movement a symbol.[9]


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