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"The case is inconclusive, but the processor doesn't appear to be at fault. The subject claims he committed crimes simply 'for love of money.'"
Industrial Automaton investigators after interviewing 4-LOM[3]

The LOM-series protocol droid was a protocol droid series produced by Industrial Automaton to compete with Cybot Galactica's popular 3PO-series protocol droid.


LOM-series schematics.

A model of third-degree[2] protocol droid, Industrial Automaton's LOM-series were designed for the niche alien market, just as Cybot Galactica had attempted with the PD-series protocol droid. If their droid proved successful, Industrial Automaton planned to introduce a Human-based protocol droid within two years. The LOM unit was humanoid in form, but the head, with its large, compound eyes, was structured to look familiar to such insectoid races as the Brizzits, Verpines, Gand, Yam'rii, Vuvrians, and Xi'Dec.


Aside from the insectile face, the LOM protocol droid was very similar to the 3PO-series—indeed, Industrial Automaton made crafty deals with companies such as SyntheTech, to use many components initially used by Cybot Galactica. Thus, the LOM-series possessed an AA-1 VerboBrain and a TranLang III communications module programmed with millions of languages; it even had a similar body frame and plating design. Such blatant use of its trademark hardware caused Cybot Galactica to file a number of lawsuits against its rival company. Though their LOM units sold well in limited release, Industrial Automaton's future plans to monopolize the protocol droid market were dashed. The exploits of the notorious bounty hunter 4-LOM did little to elevate the series' status in the eyes of the public.


A LOM-series droid holding a blaster.


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