The LON-29 battle droid commander was one of the smallest battle droids designed by Balmorran Arms.


Aggressor IX-6 LON-29

LON-29 battle droid commander, alongside Aggressor-series battle droid and IX-6 heavy combat droid.

Originally, the LON-29 was crafted to serve as a commander of Balmorran-made SD-series battle droids, who would draw the enemy's fire, allowing the LON-29 to focus on battlefield analysis, directing droids towards the weakest points in an enemy's defenses. Later, its role was expanded to leading other battle droids as well.

For a short time it was marketed as a possible replacement to living officers on the battlefront. During the Sith–Imperial War, the Galactic Alliance used them to command small squads of special forces, with disastrous results, as the droids were far too willing to sacrifice the life of troops under their command. After that, the LON-29s were used exclusively to lead other droid troops. Under Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire, the droids were restricted to civilians, though corporations could still order them on a regular basis.

Darth Krayt used several LON-29 battle droid commanders as training droids for his Sith underlings.



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