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The LR1K sonic cannon, also known as the Geonosian sonic cannon or the Geonosian defense platform, was a high-powered artillery emplacement weapon produced by the Gordarl Weaponsmiths on Geonosis prior to and during the Clone Wars.


A sonic cannon being fired at the Second Battle of Geonosis

The LR1K cannon used sonic blaster technology that employed internal oscillators to produce a devastating sonic blast. The high-impact concussive sonic energy was stabilized by a containment sphere within the cannon until impact against a target, at which point it broke up to create an omnidirectional blast. Commonly, the LR1K required two Geonosian or battle droid gunners to operate, although the cannon's advanced, highly precise targeting computers could do most of the work. A critical hit with this weapon would instantly kill any average clone.


The sonic cannon was rushed into production when Archduke Poggle the Lesser joined the growing Separatist movement, prior to the official creation of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. An arsenal of sonic cannons was kept at the Petranaki arena, for use in the event of a creature break-out or a crowd-control situation.[source?] Four cannons were deployed against a Jedi strike team in the arena, and many others were later deployed during the Battle of Geonosis against invading clone troopers on the planet's dusty plains.[2] They were later used to defend Geonosis against the Republic's second planetary invasion.[3] Several of the sonic cannons were deployed to defend mines on the planet Rishi.[4]

An LR1K deployed in the Petranaki arena

The LR1K technology was later incorporated into the Imperial sonic blaster of the Galactic Empire.[source?]

Behind the scenes[]

The sonic cannon first appeared with the release of Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones. They were computer generated.



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