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"This is Stormtrooper L-S-zero-zero-five. Reporting for Agent Kallus."

"LS-005" was a the callsign of a stormtrooper who served the Imperial Army.[2] In 5 BBY,[3] whilst stationed on the Star Destroyer Lawbringer, he was assigned by Agent Kallus to guard a cell containing Ezra Bridger. When Bridger escaped from his holding cell with him and another trooper inside, LS-005 reported to Kallus through a comlink. Another officer then reported of the Ghost entering the destroyer undetected. Bridger, who had stolen an Imperial helmet, proceeded to mimic a stormtrooper, under the ID "LS-123," trying to trick Kallus into going to the upper hangar, whereas the Ghost was trying to dock in the lower hangar.[2]


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