"This is LS-261. We're under attack!"

LS-261 was the designation of a human male stormtrooper who was stationed in the Imperial Complex on Lothal during the era of the Galactic Empire. He and another stormtrooper were left to guard a drugged Hera Syndulla after she had been interrogated by Governor Arihnda Pryce. They were confronted by Syndulla's Jedi ally, Kanan Jarrus, who used his Force powers to throw both troopers out of a window.


Following General Hera Syndulla's failed attempt to destroy the TIE/D Defender factory, LS-261 and another stormtrooper were tasked with guarding Hera Syndulla while Governor Arihnda Pryce interrogated the Rebel Alliance leader. Believing that Hera was delirious, Pryce left the room to talk with the Noghri tracker Rukh. LS-261 and his comrade faced Hera, who told them they were in "terrible trouble" and warned them that Kanan Jarrus was going to enter Pryce's office.[1]

Kanan then used his lightsaber to cut a hole around LS-261's companion, causing him to fall to his death. LS-261 then radioed on his comlink that there were under attack but Kanan used the Force to hurl him out the window, throwing him to his death. Kanan and Hera then escaped the building but were pursued by Rukh and Governor Pryce's forces.[1]

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LS-261 was the designation of a male human[2] stormtrooper stationed at the Imperial Complex on Lothal. He wore white armor over a black uniform.[1]

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LS-261 first appeared in the "Jedi Night", the tenth episode of the fourth season of Star Wars Rebels, where he was voiced by Steve Blum and credited as "Stormtrooper #1".


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