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"LT-319" was a human male Controller and officer that served in the Galactic Empire's Information Office in 2 BBY. He led a team of Imperial intelligence officers based aboard an IGV-55 surveillance vessel. After discovering the presence of the rebel droid Chopper at Killun Station, LT-319 led an ambitious plot that involved reprogramming Chopper into an Imperial double agent so that they could find the location of Chopper Base. This plot failed and LT-319 perished when Hera Syndulla caused a data surge that destroyed his ship.


LT-319 was an Imperial intelligence agent who was stationed aboard an IGV-55 surveillance vessel. As part of his services to the Empire, he wore an AJ^6 cyborg construct and yielded part of his autonomy. LT-319 was part of Grand Admiral Thrawn's efforts to gather intelligence on the growing Alliance to Restore the Republic. He led a team of Imperial intelligence officers which included 3-9 and a female intelligence officer, who also wore cybernetic headsets.[2]

In 2 BBY,[3] LT-319 was aboard his surveillance vessel when one of his subordinates 3-9 informed him that an unauthorized droid had entered the Imperial Security Bureau's station on Killun 71. This unauthorized droid turned out to be the C1-series astromech droid Chopper, who was a member of Phoenix Leader Hera Syndulla's Spectres rebel cell. Believing that this was the spy droid that Thrawn had warned them about, LT-319 ordered his crew to set a course for Killun Station. After 3-9 obtained visual imagery of Chopper, the former Imperial inventory droid AP-5, and their stolen Sentinel-class landing craft, LT-319 confirmed that the droid was indeed Chopper and hatched a plan to hijack the droid.[1]

When 3-9 found that Chopper had plugged into a network terminal, LT-319 ordered him to "capture" the rebel droid by reprogramming him. Pleased with his results, LT-319 boasted that Grand Admiral Thrawn would be pleased. When 3-9 found that Chopper did not contain the coordinates for the Phoenix Cell's base, LT-319 decided to use the astromech droid to obtain this information. After the female intelligence officer expressed concerns that Chopper's companion AP-5 had stolen Lothalian clearance codes from the base, a defensive LT-319 insisted that the rebels only had a 31% chance of using the coordinates. Believing the odds favored them, LT-319 embarked on his plan to use Chopper to find the coordinates for the rebel base. He used the droid's visual processor to operate the hijacked droid.[1]

Though AP-5 was suspicious of Chopper's changed behavior, LT-319 dismissed the traitorous inventory droid as a threat after AP-5 antagonized his colleague Wedge Antilles. Once Chopper had boarded the Spectres' ship Ghost, LT-319 sent Chopper to obtain the ship's hyperspace logs. When Hera stopped him, LT-319 then sent Chopper to the engine room and brought the rebel ship out of hyperspace. The Imperial-controlled Chopper then trapped the other rebels in the cargo bay and exposed them to zero gravity space in an effort to kill them.[1]

LT-319 then ordered Chopper to install a data spike into the Ghost's navigation computer and download its information. When Chopper spotted AP-5 trying to open the cargo bay door from outside, LT-319 sent a blaster-wielding Chopper out to deal with AP-5. Chopper missed AP-5 on the first round which gave the inventory droid enough time to open the hatch leading to the cargo bay. Chopper then managed to pushed AP-5 into space on the second round. LT-319 then directed Chopper to return to the cockpit. However, the droid was stunned by the Lasat rebel Garazeb Orrelios, who hit him with a bo-rifle.[1]

Another rebel named Ezra Bridger then removed the data spike from the navigation computer, disrupting LT-319's operation. Chopper's owner then plugged Chopper into the ship's computer and used the droid's visual processor to send a fierce message to LT-319. Denouncing him as an Imperial "sleemo", she reverse-fed Chopper's data feed back at the surveillance vessel. This caused a data surge which fried the surveillance vessel's circuits and compromised its fuel cells. LT-319 and his fellow intelligence officers were killed when the vessel exploded in space. As a result, the rebels were able to restore Chopper's original programming and keep the clearance codes they had stolen from Killun Station.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

LT-319 was a human male intelligence officer who worked for the Imperial Information Office .[1] He wore an AJ^6 cyborg construct and a pair of glasses. LT-319 yielded part of his autonomy as part of his services to the Empire.[2] He was an ambitious Imperial intelligence officer who wanted to please Thrawn by helping him to hunt down Chopper Base. He viewed Chopper as a tool to help him in achieving this goal and was willing to take big risks including withholding information about the theft of clearance codes from his ISB colleagues at Killun Station.[1]

LT-319 was confident that his plan would succeed and boasted that the rebels only had a 31% chance of using the stolen coordinates. LT-319 regarded the former Imperial–turned–rebel RA-7 protocol droid AP-5 as a traitor and almost succeeded in destroying him. LT-319's hubris led him to overlook the resilience and creativity of his rebel foes, particularly Hera Syndulla, who destroyed his ship and all hands aboard in revenge.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

LT-319 first appeared in the Star Wars Rebels Season Three episode "Double Agent Droid" on March 11, 2017. He was voiced by Josh Gad. LT-319 was designed to resemble Pablo Hidalgo of the Lucasfilm Story Group, who also recorded the temp voice of LT-319 until Josh Gad recorded it.[4]



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