"Halt, sentients. This is a restricted area. Identify yourselves"
―Two LV8-series guard droids[src]

The LV8-series guard droid was a low cost security droid manufactured by Baktoid Industrial Systems after the rise of the Galactic Alliance.


LV8-series droids were inexpensive yet very well built security droids with impressive defensive capabilities. They were designed to protect both their owner and their property. They had quadanium armor plating, blaster rifles built in each arm, and two tool mounts. They were also equipped with a vocabulator and could speak Basic as well as binary.[1]


Sublevel 12 Guard Droid

After the Galactic Empire absorbed the assets of Baktoid Combat Automata, many of the Baktoid engineers fled the Empire along with all their research. After the fall of the Empire and the foundation of the Galactic Alliance, these engineers joined together to establish a new corporation, Baktoid Industrial Systems. Focusing less on combat droids, they instead worked on designing cutting-edge droids for industrial use. Their expertise reestablished Baktoid as a leading force in droid engineering.[1]

The maintenance tunnels in Sublevel 12 of Coruscant near Roan Fel's private quarters contained LV8-series guard droids protecting a starship. They were defeated by Roan Fel and his escort while Darth Krayt and his minions pursued Fel's decoy.[2]



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